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Getting a Sunflower Bouquet in Singapore?

Looking for Sunflower Bouquet in Singapore? We are not surprised. This is because Sunflowers are one of the most optimistic and positive vibe flowers that you can ever get. They are are a must have for many graduation ceremonies as they represent a good start. 

Unlike Hydrangea bouquets, Sunflowers come in one color. Black in the center and yellow at the side. However, a sunflower will only look beautiful and at its best if the petal count is full and complete. Hence lots of care has to go into making sure that that sunflower looks as complete as it can be when it reaches your loved ones. 

Further, Sunflowers may not always have that full fluffy look as it depends on whether your supplier gets them from. 

The History of Sunflowers

Sunflowers first originated in the Americas and were grown as a food source. This use of sunflowers as a viable food source led to its rapid adoption across all parts of the world as Europe explored new territories. 

Sunflowers are often associated with their bright fluffy petals and the tall green slightly hairy stalks. These days, you can not only see them in Americas but also in sunflower farms in Malaysia and Thailand. That is how far they have spread. 

Caring for Sunflowers

Once you get your Sunflowers, you will need to care for them! This is because the petals of sunflowers can be pretty delicate. You do not know how many sunflowers we have personally destroyed just because of an accidental knock against the side of the fridge, causing a side of the petals to fall off. . IF that happens to your sunflower, it will look a bit botak and somewhat like twoface from batman. That is not a pretty sight. Hence always make sure that your sunflowers are not stored in cramped spaces. 

Apart from giving your sunflowers ample space, you should also cut your sunflowers to a suitable length. This is important because sunflowers are very tall flowers and thus they may tip over and fall out of your vase if you are not careful. 

With all that said, we hope you enjoy your lovely sunflowers and hope to see you around soon.