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What you need to know about flower delivery

Over the past few years, there have been a rise in the number of online florist. This has reduced the trouble it takes to purchase flowers. What used to be a physical visit to the local florist is now a simple browsing of their website. With a few clicks, you will be able to get the flowers delivered to you or your lovely recipient. However, there are still many who have not had the experience of purchasing flowers online. They may have just started dating and have never really bought much flowers before. There are a couple of things to look out for when you are using an online flower delivery service.

Choosing the right Flowers

Once you have decided you want to buy flowers, the next thing you need to consider is what type of flowers you are going to buy. This depends on a number of factors namely, who the recipient and what are you trying to tell the recipient via the gift. 

Keeping a mental know of who the recipient is is important. Flowers are a very personal gift. Hence the recipient’s likes and dislikes is very important. You will have done yourself a disfavour if you bought roses without knowing that the lady is allergic to them.  

The next question to note will be what kind of message are you trying to convey to your recipient. Imagine sending a card instead of a bouquet of flowers. How will it feel? Will it be less complete? Will the recipient be less surprised? We found that female recipients who received flowers unexpectedly often spend the first half an hour looking at the flowers in the bouquet. This is especially true if you purchase luxurious bouquets which has better design in terms of colour and rhythm. 

Ask for a Photo

One of the key disadvantages of an online flower delivery service is that the client does not know the actual bouquet that he is actually buying. Often the photos are from a different order that another client has made earlier. As flower arrangements are handmade, there are variances in look and feel. Further the seasonality of certain flowers means that sometimes the flowers that are in the picture that first attracted you is not available and thus the floral stylist has to replace it. When you buy a bouquet, you are buying a look and feel and not necessarily buying the exact same bouquet. Hence it is important to ask for a photo of the flowers that will be delivered to your loved ones as you will then know what they are going to receive on their end. This is an important point as you do not want your recipient to send you a photo asking why the flowers look disappointing.



Making sure your delivery is a smooth one

Depending on where you want to send flowers to there may be additional hiccups that will affect the intended outcome. Here are a couple that you need to take note of in order to avoid having a disappointed lover and  lost bouquet on the streets.  

Residential address 

When it comes to residential units, it is relatively easy as you should be able to key in the residential address in the order form and get it delivered to your recipient. However, you need to be sure that your recipient is at home as flowers are not E-commerce delivery parcels that can be left at the doorstep or behind a flower pot. If the flowers are left on the corridor of a HDB, the intense heat or rain as well as the multiple bicycles and neighbours walking past may damage the bouquet. Further, there are plenty of birds and ants around and you really don’t want to leave your bouquet there. For example, if you buy a bouquet with coral peonies in them and you leave them at the corridor, you will be shocked by the number of ants which will come and visit your bouquet. This will definitely spoil the surprise as the bouquet will be destroyed. While you can ask the delivery man to leave it with the neighbours, we will recommend that its always best to have a family member or the recipient herself around when the flowers are being delivered. 

For condominiums, you will need to give some heads-up to the security guard as they will not allow access to the private residence. Hence the delivery man may be stopped outside the estate and be unable to deliver the bouquet. Telling them in advance that you are expecting a delivery will help to make sure that the bouquet can be delivered smoothly. 

Hospitals and Offices  

Delivery to Hospitals and Offices will often mean that the delivery man has to communicate with the receptionist. Given that the receptionist will not know which office or ward the recipient is in. If the recipient is not there, you would have to ask the flower delivery man to leave the bouquet at the reception. 

Timing is important when we deliver flowers to hospitals and offices. For hospitals, there is stipulated visiting hours and thus you do not want to deliver flowers when the patients are resting. For offices, they may have half days or long lunch breaks. Sending flowers during those time slots will mean that the flowers will not reach your recipient on time. 

When you are sending flowers to hospitals, do note the preferences of the recipient for it will be very weird if you send a romantic red rose bouquet to a patient who has just recovered from a major surgery. Sending white lilies or chrysanthemum may also anger the patient. Hence, you will need to be mindful when deciding what flowers to deliver to hospitals.. 

With the advent of e-commerce, arranging for flower delivery has never been easier or more convenient. If you follow the following tips, you will definitely have a smooth flower delivery.  

Why we do not do free flower delivery

Many clients have asked us why we do not do free flower delivery. Here are a few reasons why. Many flower shops have decided to use the technique of marketing their flower delivery as free because of the psychological pull behind the word ‘ free’. Free delivery prevents the customer from being discouraged or abandoning their cart due to the increased fee that comes when they try to book a delivery. However, is a bouquet with free delivery really a good buy?

Free Delivery is never a good idea

Buying a bouquet with free delivery is not a good idea because you are buying less flowers than you think you are actually buying. The Psychology of Free One of the key reasons why flower shops attempt to entice you with the word free is because it works. According to a study by Dan Ariely in his book Predictably Irrational, People alter their behaviour when they see the word ‘free’. In an experiment where people are offered premium Lindt chocolate vs normal Hershey’s chocolate, they choose the more premium Lindt chocolate most of the time. However, they alter their behaviour to prefer the Hershey’s chocolate when it was made free of charge.

People feel free comes with little risk

When people hear the word free, it offers them some form of comfort as they know that there is no price to pay and as such they feel that the item that they are about to get comes with little to no risk. This is especially true for Singaporeans who well, given how kiasu and kiasi we are, seem to be naturally born to love the word ‘free’. However, the key lesson to learn from the chocolate experience is that having the free option actually diminishes the satisfaction that the client gets. Think about it this way, if you only have a 50 calorie limit and you spend it on the less tasteful chocolate just because of the word free, isn’t it more expensive than going for the expensive chocolate? How this applies to the flower industry For anyone of you who is kind enough to be reading this, the psychological pull of free has multiple effects on the floral industry.

Delivery is never free

Delivery is never free. When flowers are delivered to you, someone must have spent their time to pick up those flowers and send it to your destination. It is true that the competition in the logistics sector has kind of caused the price of delivery to go down.

True cost of Flower Delivery

However, it still hovers around SGD 10-20 dollar depending on the arrangements that florist have with their logistics partner. This is very much equivalent to you going down to the floral shop and taking a taxi down to delivery the flowers yourself. Further, even if the delivery is indeed free, the cost of the flower is essentially about delivery charge. Take a Kenyan Rose for example. If you have grown a plant before, you will be well aware that it cost a small sum to grow a nice plant or flower. Yes, there is indeed the cost of building say the greenhouse as well as giving the flowers the essential water and fertilizers. However, it should not cost much. Most of the price in a flower is actually all the logistics that has made it possible to get a Kenyan Rose in Sunny Singapore. If a florist claim that delivery is free, what is often done is that the cost of the delivery is absorbed by them so that you do not have to pay for it yourself. If that is the case, isn’t it awesome for the consumer? You still pay for the delivery cost implicitly When florists absorb the delivery cost, what it means is that they will put less flowers into the arrangement. In concrete terms, if your bouquet is $50 dollars and you are getting free delivery, you are essentially only getting $30 to $35 dollars of flowers with the rest of the cash going to delivery. The main problem with that is that when clients pay for a $50 bouquet, they have certain expectations about both the size, as well as the design of the bouquet. This means that a bouquet that only has a value of $35 dollars will be somewhat like the free hershey chocolate that still provides value but is much less than what clients are expecting. This is especially significant because in the flower business, most of the delivery is done as gifts. Hence, you are essentially expecting to give your loved ones a $50 dollars present only to realize that it is only worth 60% of your intended value. Impact on the flower industry In the bid to offer free flower delivery, most florist have been trying to reduce cost. This can be done by reducing the number of flowers or essentially creating a staple design which is mechanically produced.

Saving on the Delivery Cost

The first way is to go and collect your bouquet yourself. There is very little harm in doing that because if you are going for a romantic dinner, your sweetheart will probably prefer to get the bouquet from you than from an unfamiliar delivery crew. This sets a very good tone for the entire romantic evening. If you want to up your game, you can even come for our make your own bouquet session where you can choose your own flowers and our floral stylist will teach you how to get it all together in the style that you like. If you want to save further, you can also invest in one of the floral courses that is regularly held in Singapore. While we do have courses, we also encourage you to go for some courses held by other floral shops. With this knowledge in hand, you will be able to make a bouquet yourself and thus save on delivery charge and yet create an impressive gift. We are proponents of value and we feel there is no reason why your recipient should be disappointed by the gift that you have sent her.