Xpressflowers Review – Learning from the best

When you are looking for a florist to do a flower delivery in Singapore, you are bound to find Xpressflower on the first page of google. Today we will be doing a review of xpressflower in Singapore. This is one of the houehold names in Singapore. Not only is Xpressflowers doing very well online it is also a common sight in almost all your Singapore Retail malls. From Nex, to Plaza Sing and even Khoo teck phuat hospital, Xpressflower has a large brick and mortar presence that most shops do not have.

Online flower catalog

One of the great things about Xpressflower’s website is the responsiveness of the site. Loading speed is fast and there are no issues, with having to wait for the site to load on your pc. Scoring a good 56 out of a 100 based on page insights, viewers on computers and tablets will be able to view the page very quickily. That said, the mobile speed may be a little slow given that it is scoring a page insights score of 10.

In terms of selection, Xpress has a wonderfully large selection of flowers and gifts. This gives you the consumer much choice and allow you to vary the type of gift that you give your loved ones. Xpress flowers has a comprehensive search box that can be found on their homepage which helps you navigate through the large selection of offerings, thereby taking much of the guesswork out of the picture.

Great retail presence

We did not see much reviews on Google for xpress flowers which is really strange given their prominent rankings in Google Search. However, they did a terrific job with the local Search Engine Optimisation and have made their retail locations as comprehensive as possible. By looking at the Google Snippet on the right, you will be able to tell which is the nearest xpressflower outlet and make a trip down to get the flowers that you need.

Interesting fact

For example, both a winnie and the pooh and Belle bouquet will be yellow. However, a bouquet that is meant to represent belle will have a more classy feel that that for our adorable honey bear.

Xpressfloweres is one of the first few flower shops to jump on the disney bandwagon and design flower bouquets according to the respective disney themes. This is not easy to do given that the designer would have to meticulously spot the exact colour that has been used in each disney character. Beyond just choosing the right colour the design must also have the right feel.

Placing Orders

A good order management system is one that allows customers to buy without much friction. The best in this area is probably Amazon who invented the one click whispernet. This makes it really convenient for customers to buy things online. Xpressflowers does a pretty good job at this.

On the website, it is relatively easy to make your purchase on Xpressflower’s website. When you have chosen the product that you will like, you will have to pick a delivery date. If you require an urgent delivery or have a delivery planned for say 30 days later, they give you the option of calling the hotline.

In fact, you don’t have to call the hotline if you do not want to as Xpressflowers have attached a chatbot function on its website. By using the Chatbot/ messenger box, you can be in contact with their florist or sales staff. This allows you to make any enquiries and purchases more seamlessly.


The great thing about Xpressflowers is that they offer free delivery across singapore. However, the delivery time slot can be an issue as it is from 1pm to 6pm. In this regard, Happy Bunch can provide an earlier delivery at 11am if you need it. However do note that the companies have full discretion with regard to when they will send your flowers as long as it is within the timeslot.

IF you need to send flowers after the stipulated timeslot and need Xpressflowers to do it, they are able to. However, the midnight surcharge can be pretty steep at 30 to 50 dollars.

Note about substitution policy

A substitution policy was noticeably absent from the product pages. However, the shop does give a freshness guarantee both for their flower products and the other merchandise that they carry. This is so as to allow the clients to feel at ease when buying gifts from them. This is important as no client will like to send dying flowers or stale gifts to their loved ones.

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