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When you are looking for a florist to do a flower delivery in Singapore, you are bound to find windflower on the social media apps that you are on. Today we will be doing a review of Windflower Florist in Singapore. This is one of the most popular florist in Singapore. Located at Primax, windflower has one of the trendiest designs that young Singaporeans love. If you intend to buy from Windflower Florist, it will be a good idea to look through their Instagram and shop from there. Here is a walk through about to order from their website.

Online flower catalog

One of the great things about Windflower’s website is the consistency of the catalog. Windflower’s flowers are always presented with a lady holding it in front. In some sense, it provides great visual perception of how big the bouquet will be.

This underappreciated consistency is vital for customers due to the difference sizes of the mobile devices that we use. By setting it up this way, we can better visualise what we just bought.

Great reviews

Windflower Florist has very impressive reviews online. Based on Google Reviews, they have a 4.8 out of 5 stars out of 57 reviews. Yes, that is 7 times less reviews than Fareast but we do know that not all clients who buy bouquets from florist actually leaves a review. Given that companies cannot retract reviews left by clients, a 4.8 out of 5 review is really very impressive. This builds great trust for any potential client and also increases conversion.

Interesting fact

Windflower uses exotic roses that you will not necessarily find in the catalog of other flower shops. This includes Menta and Cappuccino Roses. If you really closely, you will be able to find David Austin Roses in the mix too.

Another interesting point about windflower is that they actually have a related company called O’Hara specializing in wedding ceremonies. Hence if you are about to get married, do check them out!

Product Selection

Windflower’s collection is not as extensive as Fareast. However, we do find their product selection to be neater. They provide bouquets, workshops, flower baskets and a small selection of flower stands. That said, we feel there is a more unified theme in all their bouquets which is a strong plus for Windflower.

Product innovation

While Windflower does not have a wide range of plants and fengshui stuff that Fareast has, they do have quite a few innovations including do it yourself dried flower kits. This is interesting and a good experiential shopping element that they have brought into the fray.

Placing Orders

A good order management system is one that allows customers to buy without much friction. The best in this area is probably Amazon who invented the one click whispernet. This makes it really convenient for customers to buy things online. Windflower does a pretty good job at this, and allows customers to key in their message to the recipient on the product page.

We feel this is the best place to ask clients to key their messages. This is because from a client’s perspective, they will be able to write better messages before they are bogged down by all the payment details. This way, the shopping experience will be more ideal for them. Do note that there is a 200 character limit for the message box.


The great thing about Windflower is that they offer free delivery across singapore. They do allow you to choose which time slot you want and the time slots are 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 5pm, 6pm – 9pm. These time slots helped to manage order flow without being too inconvenient to the consumer.

Note about substitution policy

A substitution policy was noticeably absent from the product pages. However, given the great reviews that clients gave on google as well as on their blogs we do not think there will be much issues about product misrepresentation. So you can shop with ease!

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