Which Flower and Bouquets do millennial in Singapore want?

A question our flower delivery singapore team always ask ourselves is “Which Flower and bouquet do millennial in Singapore want?”. This is a question that has been affecting the flower industry in Singapore. The floral industry in Singapore has always been stuck doing commercial floral bouquets for many years. This was set for a huge change as the millennial in Singapore start to enter the working population. With they newfound spending power, these young Singaporeans have been making their likes and preferences heard throughout the floral industry.

Florist and boyfriends alike will find it hard to ignore such a changing demographic and trend. Imagine spending money gifting a traditional bouquet when what your girlfriend wants is a modern, luxurious looking bouquet. Most guys intuitively know that is a recipe for disaster and will go to lengths to avoid it. However, much as we know millennial want something different, the question remains: “What type of bouquet does a millennial in Singapore want?  

The Female Millennial

We think a key thing to understand is the taste and preference of the female Millennial. to do that we first must know what they tend to work as, what kind of magazines they read. What are their main sources of influence and how do they spend their money and free time. 

The typical Singaporean young lady tends to be either a nurse, a banking professional or a salesperson. These jobs tend to involve a significant amount of social interaction where they will get to communicate with peers about the latest trends and hottest products in the market.  While Singaporean young millennial earn significantly more than the global average, they also tend to be huge spenders. They enjoy travelling to Europe, South Korea and their favorite brands can range from the luxury brands such as Chanel, and Prada to the more mainstream Laneige, Etude House, Zara, and Zalora. It is for this reason that most of the retail malls in Singapore have engaged the above brands to create a retail presence here.

Flowers –  Korean and Luxury

We made a bold assertion that flowers are the gift that beats time. However, when giving flowers to millennial, there is really more to it than meets the eye.  This is because while Millennial may like flowers but they are also deeply influenced by luxury and South Korean fashion to want the kind of flower bouquet or box that you see in the Chanel Show room or on the Korean Drama. Sending them a traditional bouquet has the drawback of making them feel like an ‘auntie’, which millennial have a strong aversion towards. Hence, if you are dating a millennial, you should either try sending a somewhat wild Korean-looking bouquet or a luxurious bouquet that just screams affluence and abundance.

Luxury is a safe bet. You may ask why is that

The reason is because not all of the millennial feel strongly about the latest fashion. There are some young ladies who feel that the latest trend is too generic and does not show their individual, beautiful free spirit. Sending a bouquet that seems popular on the internet also creates the possibility that one of her friends would have received the same .While not many people will say this, sending the most popular bestseller kind of reduces the novelty of receiving the gift. 

At the same time, sending a luxury flower arrangement will hardly go wrong. This is because the exclusivity of the associated brands have already been ingrained in public consciousness, irregardless of age. Whether its a 25 year old lady or a 60 year old lady, a luxury item such as the Chanel Flap Bag or the Holy Trinity is a coveted item. The status does not get old and if you ask us, that is eternal. 

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