What to give as farewell gift for colleagues in Singapore?

Ever thought about getting a farewell gift for colleagues in Singapore? Those of us who are corporate job holders often do not hold a job for too long. We often hop from one job to the next in one to two years, often in an attempt to move up the corporate ladder.

farewell gift for colleagues singapore

Associates will move up to some other company as Assistant managers and the latter will do the same if there are vacancies for managerial roles in other companies. Apart from these attempts to move up corporate ladders are also attempts to just shift gear and go into a different industry. Recently, there have been a great many corporate workers who left their jobs to pursue something completely different. Regardless of what your reason is. One thing holds true. It is difficult for you to buy a farewell gift to show your appreciation for these people who have helped you over the years.

The problem of gifting farewell gifts to colleagues in Singapore

There are a lot of unforeseen problems when trying to get gifts for your to be ex colleagues. The first thing that comes up is what you should get. Should you get notebooks for everyone? if you do that then how are you going to handle the logistics of carrying all those notebooks over? There, a simple present presents a huge logistical issue that many of us do not think about until we hold that carton of notebooks in our hands

The Boss: To give or not to give

Oh yes, there is the issue of your boss and probably your boss’s boss. Do you want to give them something more special? will that come across as being a bootlicker? However, what if you really want to show your boss that you appreciate him or her. Should you then give your present under the table? Thinking about all this, it becomes apparent that buying farewell gifts for colleagues in Singapore is not that straightforward after all.

The Solution

The solution for all these problems is to buy a gift that is perishable and does not leave a trace. This can either be food or flowers. IF you buy a good three to four pizzas for the entire team, not only does it come delivered to your office, there will be no need to worry about whether you should get something more presentable for a great boss. Treat everyone as an equal part of the team and you can really give your team a great farewell treat.

The non calorie option

There are those who are pretty much against sending a greasy pizza in the middle of the day. This is especially true for those who wear suits and tie for the entire working day. It is a little difficult to appear presentable in front of clients after a good messy pizza meal.

In lieu of this, one can send flowers to their team mates. The curious thing about flowers is that no one will really mind if they get a sunflower each and your boss gets a nice bouquet. In some sense, people don’t always pin that monetary value on flowers and a very beautiful sunflower will often do the trick for many of your colleagues.

Further, flower delivery in Singapore is relatively inexpensive so you don’t really have to worry about busting a hole in your wallet before moving on to your next new adventure. We hope you find the best farewell gift for colleagues in Singapore and most importantly all the best for your next position!

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