What is the national flower of Singapore

The national flower of Singapore is a hybrid orchid by the name of Vanda Miss Joaquim. Chosen out of 40 flowers, it was declared the national flower on 15 April 1981. The naming of this orchid as a national flower also set the precedent for the nation to name orchids during important events. One such event was the passing of our dear founding father Lee Kuan Yew who had a hybrid orchid (Aranda Lee Kuan Yew) which is a cross between Arachinis hookeriana and Vanda Golden Moon, named after him. Similarly, Nparks also named another orchid after his wife Mdm Kwa Geok Choo (Vanda Kwa Geok Choo)

The national practice of naming orchids is not just limited to Singaporeans as can be seen from the orchid Paravanda Nelson Mandela, which you guessed it, was named after the famous anti -apartheid leader when he visited Singapore in 1997.

The name Miss Joaquim is the surname of Agnes Joaquim who was the one who found the interesting hybrid orchid. She brought to Henry Ridley, who was the first director of the Singapore Botanical Garden. However, competing narratives created confusion as to whether it was Agnes Joaquim who created the cross between Vanda hookeriana and Vana Teres or whether it was just by accident that she has discovered the orchid.

We love the beautiful light purple of Vanda Miss Joaquim. As a company specialising in flower delivery in singapore, we are pleased that our nation can produce such an outstanding breed of orchids.

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