What is a hybrid tea?


Here is a quick question from our singapore florist “What is a hybrid tea?”. If you ask anyone this question? You may get the response that the hybrid tea is a cross between the hybrid perpetual a tea rose. However, that is like telling you that what you don’t understand is made up of two other things that you don’t understand either. We know that most of our readers will have this problem and thus we seek to debunk abit of that jargon so that we can better appreciate what the hybrid tea really is.

What is the big deal about hybrid tea

Hybrid tea is a big deal because most of the roses that singapore florist use these days are hybrid teas. These roses bear one flower per stem, and are bred to have beautiful buds which will bloom into a flower with great petal detail around the center of the flower. They also come in many colors. It is this unique aspect of having one flower per stem that makes these type of roses take the center stage as the famous ‘long-stemmed roses’. We can almost bet that the red ‘long-stemmed rose’ is the most popular flower being sold in any given year. This is because these are the type of rose that most men buy during Valentine’s day. Ironically, it also means that hybrid tea is the rose that we are most familiar with. This familiarity gives rise to the need to know what they really are!

Tea Rose

The tea rose got its name because many thought that it smells like black chinese tea. They are repeat flowering roses and were introduced in France in the early 19th century. These roses are different because the petals tend to roll back at the edge, creating a flower that has pointed edges. These blooms are also highly centered giving the perception of symmetry and beauty. However, they tend to have weak stalks and are not very resilient in colder climates.

The hybrid perpetual

The hybrid perpetual class is a hybrid between bourbon roses and other type of roses, and have been remarkably popular during the Victorian era. Since then, their popularity has reduced dramatically. While they are relatiely hardly, some varieties do not rebloom much thereby reducing their commercial viability.

Hybrid tea

Like the teas, hybrid teas have large symmetrical blooms. In addition, they have the strong stalks that bear closer resemblance with the hybrid perpetual. This marriage of the best properties of the tea and hybrid perpetual gave rise to large blooms on single long stems which makes them very popular in the floral industry.

Roses are not stagnant. Their ability to cross breed and humans’ never ending strive to find the best and biggest blooms have led to its continuous evolution. We hope that you will find in you a higher appreciation of these roses when you get them from a Singapore florist.

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