What does a girl want?

We know guys have never truly figured out what their girl wants. They often come into our flower delivery singapore program to get flowers without knowing what is it they want. To help them out, I asked my friends and colleagues to give me some tips. Just when I thought I was about to hear that she will want the latest Korean style bouquet or the latest Disney collection, I realize something shocking yet simple.

She wants to see your sincerity

This seems so basic and simple but yet eludes most of us. However, how does one show sincerity and what should one do to show sincerity. We feel that a handmade gift is the best way to show your sincerity and love. It may be flowers and if making a handmade gift is all that you got from our blog, kudos to you. 

Why a Handmade Bouquet is the perfect gift

While there are many services that allow you to order pre-made bouquets, building the bouquet yourself is the sweetest gesture. An analogy will be how a handmade card holds more sentimental value then a ready pre-made card. When you do it yourself, the slightest blemish becomes cute and imperfectly perfect. It is also one of the best memories. 

Creating a hand bouquet is challenging

However, creating a personal bouquet can be challenging, especially for rookies. There is wrapping paper to buy, flowers to get, ribbons to tie and before we even talk about what type of paper, flowers and ribbons, there is also the final question of how it will all look when it comes together. Knowing the challenge that many of our well intention friends face, we are offering some tips and ideas on how to build a beautiful flower bouquet based on a number of important factors and considerations:

What type of flowers does she like?

If you’ve ever sent her flowers before, you may know through trial and error which flowers she like. This is what we, tongue in cheek, call ‘ trial by fire’. If you have never bought her flowers, find some way to bring her to Garden by the Bay where there are lots of floral and fauna and observe what draws her attention. When you find some flower that seems to grab her attention, swipe out your smart phone and take a photo. 9 out of 10 times, you will be able to show a florist what flower that is and go on from there.  

If you have that photo on hand, you should also know what colors she adore. If you do not have the opportunity to take that photo, fret not. Try noticing what colors her usual outfits are. A girl who doesn’t like green will probably never wear a green dress. You probably may not guess her favorite color by doing this. But at least you will not be choosing a color that she has a strong aversion towards.

Choosing the flowers

After getting the type of main flower and color right, you will also need to find complementary fillers for your bouquet. Unless you are doing a bouquet of baby breath or a bouquet of roses, there will need to be some foliage or contrasting flowers to go along with your main flower. This can be a tricky situation.  This is because most of us do not much knowledge of fillers to know what can bring out the beauty of say Lilies, roses or hydrangeas. Fret not. Go to pinterest and look for floral recipes, there you will be able to find pictures which clearly lay out the constituting flowers that are used in each and every bouquet. Copy that picture and viola you now have your own shopping list.

Where to get your flowers? 

Having obtained your shopping list, you can now go and look for your flowers. Given that you will most probably want a huge array of flowers, it is best that you go to either a wholesaler or a florist for your flowers. If you are going to a wholesaler, you will need to bring some friends along so that you can potentially share the bundle of flowers that you just bought. Further, you will also have to keep a look out for what they call the cold room. This is the proverbial gate to flower heaven and it looks something like the photo we attached to the left.

Will you prefer Vase or Wrapping Paper

Will you like to put your bouquet in vase or wrapping paper. IF you want to use wrapping paper, the color as well as the thickness of the paper will determine if you can achieve the look and feel that you want to achieve. For Vases, the color as well as the size and weight of the vase will be important factors as you do not want to put a small arrangement in a chunky vase that is aesthetically disproportionate to your arrangement. 

When you are arranging the flowers, try to start with the bigger flower heads first as they are natural points of attention that the eye will focus on. However, you should also keep an even space between each head so that you can add fillers of different colours that will help to bring out the beauty of the main flower.

Something Simpler

If you want to do your own bouquet but yet feel that there are too many moving parts, feel free to join us in our ‘make your own bouquet’ events. In these events, our experienced floral stylist will guide you step by step to making your bouquet. There will be no worries about paper, vases or the type of flowers as all the material will already be prepared for you. Just bring yourself and your sincere heart and we will help you to create your most ideal personal bouquet so that your loved ones can feel your deepest sincerity. 

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