What container should you use for your floral arrangement

After having bought floral arrangements from our flower delivery singapore service, some of our clients have become increasingly interested in doing a little DIY for their floral arrangement. IF you are ever thinking of making your own floral arrangements, there is a common question that many will ask. What kind of container should I use? All floral arrangements have some sort of container that holds water so that the flowers can last much longer. For floral bouquets, it may be plastic bags that are tied to the bottom of the stem. For floral jars, it will be well… the jar! For floral arrangement we often use floral foam that is soaked overnight so that it holds a good amount of water. However, the most interesting arrangements still come in a totally unexpected container. This is because the container will accentuate the uniqueness of the arrangement and vice versa.

Be willing to experiment with all types of materials as long as it can hold water. Even if the container cannot hold water, there is really nothing that a plastic bag and a well concealed floral foam can’t solve. So be adventurous and experiment!

However, do be careful about the color as well as the size of the container. If the arrangement is purple and you choose an orange container, it is going to clash with the color scheme of the arrangement. This will cause the flower arrangement to look less and not more. Similarly, choose a container with at most a 1:1 ratio. Anything more than that will make the flower arrangement look tiny and less majestic than it originally is.

Any kind of container can be used for displaying flowers, however some are more suitable than others for ensuring good flower development. No matter what the material is, make sure that the container is clean! Our advice: try to display your flowers in clean glass containers. Glass is an inert, hard and smooth material which does not cause a reaction between vase water and vase. Glass is not too sensitive to scratches on the inside and is easy to clean. And it  shows the complete bouquet.

That said, you don’t have to restrict yourself only to glass. Here are a couple of other materials that you may want to consider

  • Plastics are relatively cheap and easy to find. However, they get easily damaged by the acidic solution that the flowers sit in. This may cause the entire container to turn grey, which is not a pretty sight. While you may want to experiment with plastics for a start, it will be better to move on to more durable materials after you get more familiar with floral arrangement
  • Crystal may look luxurious but they have small pores within the walls of the container that can be enclaves for bacteria and small organisms. In so far as this leads to bacteria growth, it will affect the life of your flower arrangement. Further, crystal have some rough edges so be careful when you are cleaning the vase. We don’t want you to get those painful micro cuts. 
  • Ceramics have to be glazed if you are going to use them. Glazed ceramic has a layer of impervious substance that has been fused with the ceramic for the purpose of decoration or waterproofing it. 
  • Metals are generally not ideal containers as metal ions get released into the vase water. These ions are toxic to the cut flowers that you have in the vase and thus will cause premature wilting and death of the flowers

If you still have doubts, bring your container over when you attend our build your own bouquet session with us. We will sure help you find ways to make your floral arrangement work. Cheers!

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