Wedding: What to do with your flowers

For many, wedding celebration is the one occasion where you buy the most flowers ever. We are not talking about 10 to 12 roses. In a typical wedding dinner, we are probably talking about 20 to 30 times that amount and that is just for the banquet table centerpieces. Apart from the banquet decoration, the church decor is also another massive flower purchase as the benches, entry floral stand and the solemnisation tables all need to be nicely decorated with the best flowers. To add to that, the brides bridal bouquet as well as the smaller bouquets held by the bridesmaid. To give you an analogy, the total amount of flowers that one can use during a wedding is easily what 2 to 3 small floral boutique needs in 2 weeks. Talk about volume!

Dont throw those flowers away

However, the really sad part of it is that many wedding ceremonies only last 2 to 3 hours tops. After the event, the flowers which could have lasted up to two weeks if cared for are often thrown away as an afterthought. This is not just a waste of good money but is also a massive massive carbon footprint. Many of these flowers had they not been cut and delivered would have helped to reduce harmful pollutants in the air and help to maintain a more balanced atmosphere. By cutting them, we often lose that benefit of growing theses flowers. While we feel that flowers are a must have in any wedding, we often encourage clients to think twice before they throw those beautiful blooms away

Reusing wedding flowers

These fresh flowers from the bridal bouquet to the flower decor on the wedding car, the center pieces on the banquet tables and the solemnization table all can be reused in other events and have the effect of helping to uplift other people. A word of caution, we are not suggesting that flower shops resell these secondhand flowers! This is because while that will be rather environmentally friendly, flowers are very often sold as gifts and no one ever wants to receive a second hand gift. Based on that, it is a matter of business principles that we give the freshest first hand blooms to all our customers.

Giving to charity

That said, there is nothing wrong with giving these flowers for charity purposes. It can be as simple as selling some of these existing arrangements to guest with the knowing that all the proceeds will go to the charity that they want. Or it may be a case of literally going down to am old folks home with these flowers. A Lot can be done with flowers at old folks home. Flower bouquet or crown classes can be conducted for these old pioneers of our community. If that is too cumbersome, just having those centerpieces on their long tables will be a nice addition to their space. This can help with uplifting emotions at an old folks home which to be honest can be quite gloomy.

You can also donate the flowers to a church or temple of your choice. Most of these spiritual centers have a real need for flowers in their daily ritual. The reason is because flowers often have what we call space energy which makes many of our prayers that much more effective. For churches that have an emphasis on purity and therefore use a great deal of white flowers, they will have great use for wedding flowers as most of it is wide anyway. On the point of spiritual use, if the bride and groom’s families have an altar at home, its a real no brainer to bring some home for ancestral prayers. 

Artistic endeavour

If you are more artistic and have a thing for floral art. There are a few things u can do with these flowers. First, you may want to dry them and frame it up. If so, we recommend going down to sunshine plaza where they sell all kinds of frames. Otherwise, a good tip will be to put the prettiest flower heads in water and freeze them into ice cubes. These frozen beauties will be so insta worthy, we guarantee that it will not be the last time you are playing with floral ice.

Whatever you decide to do to your wedding flowers, please do not just throw them away. One man’s meat may be another man’s poison, but unless the person has flower allergies, one woman’s flowers are often another’s joy. With that, we hope you will make good use of your wedding flowers beyond the two to three hours that you typically buy them for.

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