Wedding: 5 Best Flower types to use in Singapore

Once in a full moon, our flower delivery Singapore team will get a request to prepare wedding flowers for a lovely bride to be. However, due to the huge array of flowers, few brides are able to name which flower type they want. As they have not been looking at flowers enough, many of them scroll through instagram or pinterest to find the particular look and feel but are not able to identify which flowers are which. This is where we come in as we are able to tell which flower down right to the country it is from, the name of the color variant used and also if the flowers are in season. To help our clients better identify the main type of flowers that can be used in a wedding bouquet, we have decided to do a small shortlist.

Roses – Roses are one of the most popular types of flowers and you will not be surprised to find them in wedding bouquets. What you do not know however, is that there are many type of roses both in terms of color and variety. You can go for the light pink variety to create a nice pastel bouquet or if you prefer sharper colors like purple, you can go for either a lilac or a lavender rose theme. However, the options to roses do not just stop there as you can go one step further and go for the garden roses/old English rose. These garden roses and or English rose give that luxurious colonial feeling that we know many brides would love to experience. Of which, the most popular would be the david Austin roses which were the outcome of million dollar rose breeding programs. Talk about luxury

Peonies – IF you like the idea of davidaustins but do not like roses then you should try the peonies. Peonies aregreat fragrant flowers with not just a beautiful flower head but also a greattraditional feel to it. If you do not want a whole bouquet of peonies, it willalso be a good idea to put some complementary roses in the mix.

Calla Lilies – While calla lilies are stylish, they may not fit the look that the bride wants. This is because these days the bridal bouquets have a wild look to it and the calla being long and slender does not really go well with that contemporary style. However, if the bride is a tall lady who is looking for a slender compact bridal bouquet, the calla may do it for her.

Hydrangeas – Hydrangeas given their huge impressive flower heads are certainly another great choice for a bride. Of the many colors of hydrangeas, we will recommend that brides go with the light pink and white hydrangeas as these best exude the class and elegance of the bride to be.

Ranunculus – Many brides may not have heard of these but the Ranunculus are absolutely a beauty when they bloom. While they are slightly smaller than the full blooms of the peonies and the hydrangeas, they have very impressive petal details. Further, given the lack of knowledge that many in this region have of this flower, having a ranunculus in the bouquet can let the bride stand out and look special in her wedding photos which will accompany her for her entire lifetime.

We hope you haveenjoyed this short sharing about the type of main flowers that you can use foryour wedding bouquets. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need furtherassistance!

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