We love Pink roses

Pink roses are one of our staples in our flower delivery Singapore program. They are different from another popular variant the red rose. The red rose is used to convey intense romantic feelings whereas the pink rose is more subtle. When a lady receives a pink rose, it is symbolic of your gentle love for her, which is considerably less direct.

Meaning of pink rose

Apart from gentle love, a pink rose also represents grace, gentility and a general sense of happiness. Hence it is also a great flower to use when you want to express your thanks and appreciation for someone of the opposite gender with whom you have no intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with.

Shades of pink

There are many pink roses and the shade of pink its very important when choosing a flower bouquet. for example, putting a hot pink rose is very different from a light pink rose. a dark pink rose symbolises appreciation and gratitude, a medium pink rose represents feelings towards another whereas a light pink rose is meant to express gentleness and admiration for the other. We know it is difficult to differentiate between the different meaning of the shades. so what we recommend is to just go with the tone of pink that is more pleasing to your eye.

If you don’t like hot pink, then no matter what it is meant to say in popular horticulture, it will not feel like a gift from you. Hence, as with these things, sometimes it is good to go with your gut.

Pink with other colours

Apart from just the shade of pink, it is also important to know that bi colour pink roses exist too. Most of these have very distinct combinations of white and pink and are very pretty in their own right. If you have been sending pink roses all this while, you may want to mix things up by giving a bouquet of bi colour roses. We are sure she will be impressed.

If you need help choosing the best type of pink rose, you can contact your friendly Singapore Florist.

Growing roses

We know that it is difficult to grow any rose in Singapore but this does not prevent us from knowing what it is like to grow a pink rose. Here is a great time lapse video of how pink roses are grown from the rose seed.

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