Valentine’s Delivery: Behind the scene

We know that Valentine’s day is over. However, while scoring through youtube, we came across a very interesting video that allows us a sneak peak into the behind the scene operations of Valentine’s day. We get to see the long conveyor belt of packaging as well as the long rows of administrative stuff handling both the online as well as the phone orders. Finally, the video reveals something interesting. That women don’t necessarily want red roses. That is something we can testify to. A little more on that later.

The video starts with the administrative staff working for proflowers going through the series of options that is available to the client who called. This is much like the way we handle incoming orders. The first thing to know is if the client intends for the flowers to be a surprise. Surprises are often more grandiose and as a result slightly pricier than the regular Valentine day rose. In addition, the admin also goes through a few types that the client can choose from as well as the prices. What’s interesting is that most of these clients seem to buy 2 dozen roses, making it the most popular product.

However, proflowers did make an interesting assertion that women do not necessarily want roses but guys simply just assume. Further they also said that they have released early bird discounts and offers which most men ignore until the very last minute. Talk about procrastination!

At our store, on the day itself, we have scores of men who simply have forgotten that it was Valentines Day and were trying to look for some interesting bouquet. We think that guys will be guys and they are unlikely to change their shopping patterns in the near future.

While we agree that most men are last minute, we really must give praise to those guys who came early or even on that day itself to ask for something different. Most of these guys know what they are after, be it tulips, calla or sunflowers. When we meet a guy like this, we know for sure that they are those who are not just detailed oriented but also super loving. How lucky those girls are for having such attentive boyfriends.

As a florist offering flower delivery service in Singapore, it is our job to ensure that our clients smile. However, the day to day situations that we meet tells us much about the community that we serve. This is partly amusing and partly the reason why we do what we do in the first place.

For those who are interested, we have added the video below. Do enjoy!

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