Valentine’s Day in Singapore: Take note of these 4 points

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and many florists have been rushing to publish their valentine day floral designs. These online advertisements often come with a rather steep discount to attract more clients to buy from them. However, there are some points to note when buying flowers. Just a simple search on google will lead you to some horrifying valentine day stories. Some clients did not get their bouquets on time despite having paid for them. Others did not get what was promised to them as the flowers used were not very fresh. Such situations though understandable from a business supply chain perspective, are not acceptable for the clients as seen from the angry reviews all over the web. Seeing it from the client’s perspective, such anger is justifiable because all that expectation of giving a surprise is met by confusion and anger that your plans of sending a flower bouquet have fallen through. So here are 5 things to take not when buying your flower bouquet in 2019.

1) Do not buy your flowers last minute

During Valentine’s Day, all flower shops are essentially sweat shops churning out bouquets after bouquets. When the emphasis is on speed and quantity, it inevitable that quality will be somewhat compromised. When you buy bouquets last minute, you will realise that you will be buying a very common design. Your loved ones seeing your gift will know that very little effort has gone into it because she has seen the same bouquet all over the streets when she went out for her lunch break. This may make her assume that very little effort has gone into the purchase, which does not help your case especially during Valentine’s Day

Further, when you buy a bouquet last minute, you will truly be burning a hole in your pocket. This is because flowers are much more expensive in the afternoon, as many flower shops know the urgency that the lunch crowd have in getting a bouquet.

With all this in mind, we will recommend that you buy your flowers early and not last minute! 

2) Try not to do order online – Three reasons why

Encouraging online orders may sound like a no brainer for us, especially since it means we will be able to get a lot more business. However, here are three reasons why it is best to just order your bouquet early and do self-collection.

Surge in Demand will short circuit online business model 

Most flower shops encourage you to use their flower deliveries. By making you trust our online programs, it means we can potentially earn money across the entire Singapore rather than just our own local catchment. This business model is important especially for home based or online florist. For this to work, the online ordering system must work seamlessly with the offline order fulfilment. While this is perfectly doable on a day to day basis, this is not very feasible on Valentine Day due to the surge in demand. The online ordering system can handle the ordering load because it is just megabytes of data. However, the floral shop working behind the scene may not be able to handle so many orders.

Super shortage of staff = unexpected hiccups in delivery schedules 
On Valentine Day, it is not just flowers that are in high demand, delivery men are also in high demand which means that roads will be filled with floral vans, motorcycles you name it. What this means is that the traffic conditions will not normal conditions and will often be more congested than what a delivery man expects. When that happens, they will realise they are unable to fulfil the 15 orders that they have taken on. As most flowers are hand delivered, failing to deliver 1 bouquet on time will lead to a domino effect that will affect all other orders.

Motorcycle Delivery is not suitable for flower bouquets 
Congested Traffic is only one issue with online deliveries. Most hand bouquets are in odd shapes and hence require a significant amount of package space. This means that only a certain type of vehicle (vans especially) is ideal for sending hand bouquets. However, the surge in demand means that a lot of hand bouquets will end up on motorcycles. Given the finite space on a motorcycle, you will expect the hand bouquet to suffer bangs and creases which will affect the look and feel of the bouquet. With that uncertainty looming, you now have no idea what will end up at your loved one’s door step. 

3) Go for the mid-range option

During Valentine day, most flower shops will provide three or more price tiers. You can either buy the cheap, moderate or very expensive option. It is important that you do not go for the cheapest option as it clearly shows in both the size and quality of flowers. More often than not, much less effort has gone into making the cheapest bouquet. Further, depending on how many roses they put into the cheapest option, it may not be the most economic option when you calculate on a per rose basis. While you should not go for the cheapest option, you also don’t have to go for the most expensive option. Just stick with the moderate and you will get by just fine

4) Choose Kenyan or Ecuador Roses

When looking for flower bouquets, it is best to ask for Kenyan or Ecuador Roses. These roses though more expensive are better quality. Kenyan Rose Petals have a better colour and are 2-3 times thicker than China rose petals. Further, it is important to buy longer lasting roses because the bouquet should last for at least a week after Valentine Day. Your loved one’s bouquet will still be beautiful and fresh even as other bouquets made of cheaper flowers wilt away. By buying better quality roses you can get more mileage from the bouquet.

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