Things to consider when sending flowers to loved ones in office

There are many occasions where we may consider sending flowers to our loved ones in office. However, due to the formal and professional nature of the office environment, many of us have our misgivings when it comes to sending flowers to offices. Here is our advice when you are considering a singapore flower delivery in an office environment.

You should only send flowers to your girlfriend/wife if you have a grasp of what her working environment is like, which means you have to listen carefully to your daily conversations with her. For crushes, you first have to know if she is allergic to flowers and more importantly know if she is available for pursuit. If both conditions are fulfilled, it will then be a matter of finding the right time to send her a luxurious gorgeous bouquet.  

Delivering Flowers to a girlfriend/wife in office

Giving flowers to your girlfriend is perhaps the least complicated flower gifting in an office scenario. This is because you know her well including what flowers she likes and you know she generally will be pleased and surprised to receive flowers from you. However, even then you need to be careful about the weeny teeny logistics issues that can bungle up your whole surprise. 

Know when your girlfriend/wife is in office

If you are sending flowers to a friend who is currently working at an office, you may not know her working schedule. It will be a waste if the bouquet reached the office only for you to realize that she was on leave. Those who have not sent flowers to offices before may not know that recently security has gotten much tighter in offices and flower delivery crew will not be given access if the recipient is no in office. Apart from work schedules, there is also an increasing trend of mobile work spaces in offices. This mobility and variability further increased with the number of co working spaces that are sprouting up all over the central district in Singapore. When sending flowers to these areas, flower delivery crew may have difficulty locating the recipient as he basically will not know which part of the building she is in. 

Know what her office is like

Sending flowers to a friend in another office also represents a social challenge as you may not know if the office environment she is in is tolerant of the reception of such gifts. We know of cases where the office staff made things unpleasant for the recipient as they were not happy with having to keep the bouquet with them. When the bouquet is received by the recipient, you have to remember that it is a large luxurious looking bouquet which will not and cannot go into any of the small cupboards and drawers that your recipient may have. This means that the bouquet is going to catch the attention of all those who are around her including her colleagues and superiors. We must warn you that not all office environments are accepting of the sending of bouquets and it will not be worth it if your recipient’s superior feels that she is not fully committed at work due to a well-intention-ed gift.

However, how are you supposed to know all this? The key is to listen to her day to day descriptions of what it is like at work, which her colleagues are, what her boss is like and generally how her day was. By being attentive, you would even know if she was envious that her colleagues got a great lovely bouquet from her boyfriend last week

The type of flowers to send

If you are sending flowers to your loved ones, you can get the reddest, hottest and most romantic red rose bouquet from us. These romantic bouquets are definitely alright because that can be expected from a boyfriend or husband. If your lady is the romantic sort, we are sure she will be head over heels when she receives that red beautiful bouquet from you. 

Delivering Flowers to a crush

Giving flowers to your crush is a little harder mainly because it is hard to tell what her reaction will be. However, there are little things that you can do to ensure that your gift will be well received. 

Know her allergies

Before sending your crush flowers, you need to know what her allergies are. If she has allergies for flowers, please do not send her flowers as you do not want to be responsible for her visit to the hospital. To know this, you probably would want to sneak in a little question in your day to day conversations with her. 

Know her mood for that day

We know it matters that your crush is in office on the day that you want to send the bouquet. However, that is not half as important as knowing what her mood is on that day. If you have been following her Instagram posts or tweets and you know that she is very angry, it is not a great time to be sending a bouquet to her. This is because a surprise can be taken very negatively when someone is under duress. Hence it is not a great idea. It will however, be more pleasant if you send some flowers when you know she has been down or having a difficult day at work. That we feel is acceptable as people tend to get an emotional uplift from flowers. 

Know if she has a boyfriend who works at her office

Sending a bouquet to a crush when she has a boyfriend who also works at her office is not ideal. We know of cases where well intention-ed guys did not check if his crush has a boyfriend and if her boyfriend works at her workplace. While we laud your courage, we certainly do not wish to see any conflict in the office because of a well intentioned gift.

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