The romantic gesture of giving flowers

Most guys hate it when their women say they are not romantic enough. We can almost hear them screaming inside. To them, they have always poured out their heart and soul to their ladies only to realise that somehow she thinks it’s not romantic enough. So what do guys have to do? Do they have to bring their ladies to exotic island resort or buy them expensive handbags every month? OF course not. With our flower delivery program, we can show you how to become more romantic without creating a massive crater in your wallet!

What does she really mean?

To understand what she means by being romantic, it is perhaps critical to know what romance is and how it came about. Knowing these factors will help you figure out what your girlfriend or wife is actually alluding to. So before you buy any of our best selling bouquets in our flower delivery Singapore program, please do us a favour and read on.

A Romantic walk down history path

Romance first become a popular notion in the 18th century, when western society as a whole relinquished the idea of fixed marriages and allowed young people to select their partners based on who they love instead of which caste or social class they belong to. The emergence of free choice of mates also led to the practice of courtship where prospective lovers display the extent of their feelings. Most guys are probably familiar with the notion of courtship as they most probably would have won the affection of their girlfriends or wife through their own unique way. However, our modern version of courting possibly involve going to amusement parks, having expensive dinners and going overseas on some exotic trip. This is in stark comparison to the past where courting was a much more formal and dignified experience. Interestingly enough, our methods of courtship changed but our notion of what it means to be romantic seems oddly old school. Why is that.

We can only guess but the reason may be that gifts in modern Singapore come too quickly and too easily. Ever wanted to give her a handbag in the past, you probably got to find the animal, hunt it down, skin it and oh yes learn how to sew. Talk about effort!

That said when she say that you are not romantic enough, she is not really asking you make her a leather handbag. What that really means is that you are just not making her feel as loved or as desired as she once felt. This then begs the question. What did you do previously when you are courting her that you have well stopped doing? Did you give her flowers to surprise her? Did you spring her a surprise birthday party?

Notice the repeated use of the word surprise? If romance can be summed up into a formula it may look like a sum of surprise x effort x intent.   

What is more, it seems like surprise is really the key to it all. Don’t believe us? Think  about all those cases where a lady will consider an experience as romantic. How many of these  were the lady completely surprised? it may be a small gesture that she wasn’t expecting from you such as how one of our friends were so surprised when her husband came to her defence or it can be something more elaborate like a surprise birthday party.

We are not the best at throwing or organising parties. We are not the best at sweet talk but we are probably the best when you want to buy her a surprising bouquet of flowers. Here is why.

The remedy

When you buy a bouquet from us, she is not going to think it is a generic off the shelf bouquet that she has seen so often. Instead she will be surprised by the uniqueness of the bouquet that you have gifted. This is because we create unique designs that are a culmination of years of skill and a spark of inspiration. These designs are not easily replicated and thus do not lose the element of surprise.

Flower delivery Singapore course

How many girls have ever received a bouquet done by a guy himself? Our guess is that, you can count that with 1 hand. To wrap a bouquet yourself is really a very sweet thing to do. It immediately set you in a different league, a class of your own. However let us be honest here. Doing it yourself is not just about flowers. If you know how to bake a banana cake, we will recommend you give a banana cake instead of sending her a bouquet of flowers from our flower delivery Singapore program. However, if you are like us and cannot cook or bake for nuts, come and make a bouquet with us. Here at soapnpetals, you get to choose the flowers you want and we will teach you how to wrap it in a way you never knew was possible.

We are certain our bouquets will help surprise her and increase your brownie points if romance. However we are 100% sure that your girlfriend will be impressed if she hear that you did it all yourself!

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