The most ideal rose gift

Roses are perhaps the most popular and widely used flower by a Singapore florist. In recent years , owever, customers seem to have opted for different ways to gift roses. The traditional presentation of long stem roses sseemsto have become too commonplace and too predictable that it fails to score that extra brownie point for guys. Hence guys have been looking for new ways to impress their girls. Here are 4 other ways you can gift her roses, ranked from the least imaginative to the most imaginative.

Least ideal: The cheap long stem

With the demand for roses also come many knockoffs which intend to earn a piece of the pie. The iconic red long stem rose is one where the stem is long and sturdy with a large flower head that blooms and opens with tremendous detailing. That can be achieved with kenyan and Ecuador roses. It can even be achieved with grade A china roses. The key is to find one with a large pretty flower head. If you want to go old school, you might as well go it the old English gentlemen way.

While least idea, this is still a very viable option especially for guys who do not have a track record of having sent flowers to their girls. The shock and pleasant surprise will be so immense, you really do not have to worry about it being too traditional.

Normal: Hybrid Tea Rose Bouquet

If you have always done traditional, you will know that there are not much elements of surprise. A single rose is a single rose. Unless your lady will notice the length of the stem every time you bring it to her, we doubt you will capture much of her imagination that way. Another option which is better but still somewhat conventional is a hybrid tea rose bouquet. While there are also many guys who do send bouquets, there are alot of ways that you can customise rose bouquets including the size, the color and the type of wrapping and style. IF you have always given a single long stem rose, it is time to upgrade. Sending a bouquet is not only more impressive but also allows you to send a different color or mix of different color roses. Imagine giving a single long stem white rose. Weird isn’t it? However, in a bouquet form, you can actually use some white roses to create a more pastel and softer look. Talk about customisation.

Ideal: Garden Rose Bouquet

If you are a frequent buyer of flowers or a frequent attendee to different wedding events you may have noticed something. There has been a steady increase in the demand for Garden roses these days. Garden roses are slightly different from your typical hybrid tea because their blooms are much fuller and very very colonial and atas looking (some singlish as this is written for fellow Singaporeans).

We will agree that any girl who first set her eye on the garden rose will be impressed as it is very different from what we usually see and really goes a long way to make her feel very very special.

If you are feeling up to it, you can even opt to go for the ultimate garden rose which is none other than the David Austin!

Most ideal: Preserved Rose Jar

Yes, we know. Preserved Rose jar is also a one stem rose product so how does it make that any different from the typical long stem rose. We cannot tell you why it is different, but you only need to see how many boyfriends and husbands get dragged into the cinemas to watch beauty and the beast to know why.

The image of the rose jar simply captures her imagination, making her feel like a princess. This deep seated Disney dream exist in many girls who for once in their lifetime feel special.

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