The main difference between online and offline flower arrangement service

Flower delivery and flower arrangement service defer in 1 main way: the way the flower bouquet is presented to the recipient. As the flower business is very service oriented, the product presentation becomes very critical.

Flower Delivery Singapore

For flower delivery, flower shop receives the order either online via a website/ phone call or through walk in. Once the order is received, the client does not see the bouquet unless he/she designate themselves as the recipient. Else, the flower bouquet is assembled and sent via delivery crew to the recipient. The delivery crew is often not part of the flower shop but a separate company or entity that has a standing working relationship with a few of the flower shops in the region.

Offline floral arrangement

Offline Floral arrangement differs in that the client steps into the store and leaves with the bouquet. From the moment the client steps in the store, things can go a few ways. The first is the off the shelf way where the bouquets are already premade and the client just takes them off the rack and pays for them. In this arrangement, there is very little in terms of service rendered as the client just makes do with the bouquet that they see on display. On the other end of the spectrum is total customization much like what you will expect when you step into a bespoke tailor shop. The floral designer’s first interaction with the client is not to push ready made bouquets. Rather they will first understand what you need whether is it for a birthday, romantic dinner. From there, they will then suggest suitable flowers, all the time gauging clients receptiveness. Some clients are long time flower buyers and thus have a clear crisp idea of what they want.

Others may be first time buyers who require more help on what to choose. Once the client has decided on what they need, we will then go to the next step, choice of fillers. Our floral stylist will choose out of the fresh flowers he have on hand and show the client the proposed look snd feel of the bouquet. If our client shows any look of hesitation, we will swap out those fillers to replace it with something more palatable. This entire customisation process continues from fillers to design, paper and even the choice of ribbons.


Due to this fundamnetal difference between flower delivery and offline flower arrangement service, we will advice that first timers go for the latter as it is always good to see first hand what the end product will be like before making the final purchase.

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