The 5 love language

As a Singapore Florist, we hardly pick up many books. However, ‘the 5 love language’ is not just any book. Gary Chapman reveals that there are 5 predominant love languages, namely Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical touch. We know you don’t have time to read the whole book so we have summarised it for you.  

1) Words of Affirmation 

Your girlfriend or boyfriend’s key love fuel are words such as ‘I love you’. They need to not hear it once but repeatedly, constantly and consistently from you for them to feel loved. Many a time guys complain why their girlfriends think they stop loving them when they stop saying these magical words. Now you know…. now you know…   

2) Quality Time 

If your girlfriend or wife complains that you never spend enough time with her due to your work and other commitments, you can be quite sure Quality time is what she needs. 

3) Receiving Gifts 

There are some ladies who will drop hints at what they like or even do the reverse by buying you small tokens of love. Very often, this act of buying small gifts for you is a sign that that receiving gifts is the predominant way that she feels someone love her. OF all gifts, the best is probably a bouquet of fresh flowers, get your flower delivery in Singapore now.

4) Acts of Service 

There are also those who feel that the way you love them is to buy a packet of nasilemak from Changi and run all the way to Yishun in time for their supper. That one abit too much ah… but you get the point. Acts of service lets them feel loved because it shows that you are willing to put in effort for them! Just don’t run to Yishun! 

5) Physical Touch 

Don’t think we have to explain this one. 

Since all of us have a primary language of love, we know what you are thinking: If my girlfriend does not like to receive gift… is there any point in giving her flowers for Valentines Day?   

It is not what you give, its how you give it

Words of Affirmation
If your lady is one who listens to words of affirmation, what you need to do is to make sure you stick a handwritten card that expresses your heart felt things about her. You should always try to be specific by thinking of that one or two things that she has done for you in the past that has truly touched your heart. Our flowers are the nicest in town but to her, your personal message is going to be the most meaningful.

Quality Time 
For girls who require quality time, Please do not just deliver a bouquet to her to wish her Happy Valentine Day. We know alot of flower shops offer that convenience but for a girl like this, convenience just will not cut it. You would probably do better if you come down to our store, pick your bouquet and actually spend the night with her.

Receiving Gifts 

We think your girlfriend/wife will be so thrilled when she receives our very luxurious line of flower bouquet. Enuff said! Haha!

Acts of Service  
For ladies who prefer acts of service, you may have to put in a bit more effort. Pink may not be your favorite color but if you choose something that is pink for her, she will definitely see that you have put in much effort both in remembering her likes and dislikes as well as being willing to overlook the differences between both of you.

With this in mind, we sincerely hope that you will have a memorable Valentines day this 2019 

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