Should men buy flowers for women

Since time immemorial, men have been using flowers to court the ladies of their dreams. That has been a remarkable feat considering how technology has just about disrupted every other field in modern times. We may have changed from 2G Nokia phones to Blackberries and eventually to the Iphone, however, most of us will still hold a bouquet in our hands and surprise our loved ones that way. Having the technology at your fingertips does not mean that we should send an ecard to a lady telling her how much we love her. IF you ask why, the only reason for that is because sincerity is one of the most effective yet outdated emotions that we have. Most of us value sincerity above everything else and sometimes, acts of sincere gratitude do require some effort. Given the relationship between sincerity and effort, it is no longer a mystery why mens till give flowers to women in this day and age.

However, this does not mean that you cannot leverage on technology. With our online flower delivery singapore, you now no longer have to step out of your house in order to find the most unique floral bouquet to be sent to her. While there is increased convenience on guy’s part, it does not mean that guys can afford to be less sincere. On the contrary, many of them use the time that they have saved from making the physical trip to the florist to better understanding what type of flowers were used and why they chose this particular bouquet instead of the other one.

Its the thoughtfulness that counts

It is a known fact that many women have a close affinity with flowers. Flowers seem to perk them up and help them function better in their day to day lives. It also allows them to access their feminine side after a long day of masculine activity at work. Hence, sending flowers to a lady helps to remind her that despite the grueling workplace where she is up against competition which is an intense masculine energy, she should also be reminded of her feminine. It takes a man of incredible insight and presence to know that she is feeling emotionally squashed or tired from all the competition and just needs a little break here and there. Hence, when she receives a flower bouquet from our flower delivery crew, we are pretty sure she will be impressed. Not by how beautiful the flowers are but by your thoughtfulness. Some may think that such thoughtfulness or credit will dwindle after you send flowers a few times. However, that is really mistaken. Many women can testify that having a guy to be present to her needs and feelings is a rarity and that presence is a fleeting thing. Men can be conscious and remarkably present in one instance and totally off to pluto when the Fifa world cups starts. Hence, a constant practice of sending flowers does not diminishes the act. Rather it cultivates a growing awareness of when she is feeling emotionally down. This will eventually reap many rewards for your relationship.

IF your lady works in Singapore and you want to delivery a flower bouquet or jar to her, Soap and Petals can definitely be of assistance. We are conveniently located right in Central business district for that particular purpose. By being closer to our customers, we are able to better cater to their needs. Apart from having a offline presence that is remarkably close to oru clients, we are also a firm believer in establishing an online flower delivery presence. Hence you will see that we have a good and growing selection of luxurious bouquet, boxes and jars. We really hope that you find what you need with us and if you have any particular queries, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to help.

Being more attentive

All in all, its not hard to be the man in her dreams. All it takes is for you to be attentive. However, is it hard to be attentive. YES. Being attentive requires effort and true appreciation. On top of that it also requires practice. So let’s start today by buying her a flower bouquet now.

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