Sending Flowers for no good reason

The best flowers sent are those that were sent for no reason at all. Having worked with many clients, we have come to the conclusion that some of the best moments are when the recipient is not expecting to receive flowers at all. How can that be? That happens when someone sends them bouquets on a normal day when they are least expecting it. It doesn’t mean that you don’t send any flowers during Valentine’s day or her birthday. We are just saying that there need not be a reason or a special day for you to send her flowers by engaging a flower delivery singapore program.

By surprising her, she will be much happier which will make you a lot happier too. However, before you rush into our store and order your first ‘random day’ bouquet, it is worth looking at some of the tips that we have available for you.

1. No hidden agenda

Ahh… guys are sneaky. We admit it. Even when we say that there is no agenda, often there is something that is making us send that bouquet. It may be the nagging feeling that she is upset. Or it may be the knowing that we have done something wrong or will do something wrong. Whichever it is, this is not considered as sending a bouquet for no reason at all! 

In fact sending bouquets when you have a hidden agenda is especially damaging. This is because if she knows that you always have an agenda before you treat her well, she is likely to be very suspicious every time you want to surprise her. It doesn’t take a genius to know that suspicion does not go well with the feeling of surprise and joy at all. Hence, please do not develop the habit of only sending bouquets when you feel something is wrong.

Instead, try sending the bouquet whenever you think of a good memory that you had with her. This is likely to be more spontaneous and thus more unexpected, increasing the likelihood that she will be more pleasantly surprised with the gift.

2.Select the Right Flowers

Choosing the right flowers is important when you are selecting a surprise bouquet. While roses are often the safe option, you may want to switch it up if you have always been sending roses to her. You can choose some flowers such as liles or even the sweet looking tulip and hydrangea to mix it up a little. However, there is one thing that you must remember. That is to never ever send chrysanthemum in Singapore.

It is a known tradition that the chrysanthemum is only sent in wreaths and funerals in Singapore. So whatever you do, stay away from sending those unless you are thinking of sending them tea packets! 

3. Choose the Color Carefully

Just because it is a surprise bouquet does not mean that you should not choose your flowers carefully. This is because flowers have different meanings and even the same type of flower has different meaning when it is in a different colour. For example, red roses are often associated with hot passionate romance whereas yellow roses are more associated with separation. Hence unless you are very sure that your recipient loves yellow roses, please do not send them to her as it may relay the wrong message. Further, we know that you may not only be sending flowers to your loved ones and may also send them to some of your bosses or colleagues. We advise strongly against sending red roses to colleagues as that will probably cause a lot of misunderstanding especially if you have no romantic feelings for her. As for a female boss, well, we will stay far far away from red roses for that one.

4. Include a handwritten note

When sending a surprise bouquet, the flowers are really just half the equation. Why is that, this is because often those who receive bouquets will look around to see if there is a note in it. Often they are equally interested in who sent them the bouquet, why you sent it and also how beautiful the bouquet is. See how important the note is?

However, it is just not enough to have a lengthy note about why you sent the bouquet. What is really important is that you handwrite the note. In this day and age, there is way too much word processing and even this blog post is done with a word processor. While word processors are so useful and efficient, that is not the point when you are trying to send a surprise bouquet. The whole point of the bouquet is for her to feel your effort and intent and there is nothing more personal than a handwritten note.

Even if you are not great at writing, it doesn’t matter. A simple handwritten ‘I love you’ is oftne good enough to melt hearts. There is one problem though. Make sure your handwriting is legible. Most guys have really terrible handwriting to the point that its rather illegible. Try your best at writing neatly and we can be sure she will be very touched by your kind gesture.

5. Consider Where to Send Them

Sending flowers to your loved ones often depends on where she is most of the time. This brings certain issues that you have to be aware of. If you sending it to her house, make sure that she is there to receive the bouquet. Else, if she has someone at home, you can have it passed to the family member. The reason this is important is because if there is no one at home, there is no way that the bouquet will reach her. There are occasions where the entire surprise is spoilt because the recipient just went out for an hour to run an errand. Hence, always make sure that someone is at home if you are wanting to send a flower bouquet to her house.

 If you sending flowers to her office, make sure that she is okay with it. This is because there are some ladies who feel embarrassed under all that limelight. Further, if her workplace is slightly more gossipy, you may be setting her up for a lot of gossip behind her back. IF that is the case, we would rather hold of the sending of the bouquet!

If you are unsure, avoid flower delivery all together. Come down to our boutique and self collect your flower bouquet. You will often be able to find a good excuse to meet her. The classic bouquet behind the back never grows old! Try it and let us know how it went!

6. Don’t Expect Feedback

Ever heard about the whatsapp double tick syndrome?: Guys often hanging by the phone because the latest whatsapp message that they sent their girlfriends have received the all too famous blue tick yet she has not replied?

Once you are sure that the bouquet has been sent, resist the urge to call and check on her. We know it may sound counter intuitive. After all, if you sent someone a gift, you will want to know if the person received it well.

However, calling to check on how she like the bouquet makes it feel as if you are fishing for a reward and that itself is highly unattractive. Instead, simply wait for her to respond and when she does, you will then know how she felt about it.

Make Someone’s Day By Sending Just Because Flowers

Sending a bouquet is not difficult. All it takes is a little thought and a little effort to make it happen. By sending a bouquet to surprise your love, you can be sure that she will have a much better appreciation for the kind of man that you are. This will ensure that your relationship remains as fresh and exciting as it once was when it first started

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