Rekindling that flame with your wife in Singapore

Rekindling that flame with your wife

Many Singaporeans seem to go through life in a somewhat robotic, predictable pattern. We get born and go to school aspiring to be some corporate worker. When we get that dream, we slog our lives away at our cubicles, hoping to earn enough to retire. Somewhere down the line, we also manage to marry, buy a house and have kids. There are many examples of such seemingly peaceful but otherwise uneventful lives. For many of us out there, we do not want that reality for ourselves. This is especially so for our marriages. We do not want our marriages and love relationships to go from the romantic Romeo and Juliets to the husband sleep in the toilet situation. Here are some ways to rekindle that flame with your wife if you find yourself slipping into the predictable and dull mold.

Signing that registry of marriage cert and saying i Do does not mean that you should resign to a loveless lifeless life. The reason many Singaporean guys reach that fate is because they stop thinking of their wives as a separate human being with likes and dislikes. Instead they see both husband and wife as a team facing the tribulations and challenges of life together. For those who are reading this and wondering what is wrong with that, read on.

The problem is not with the concept of a tag team between husband and wife.

The problem is that that should not be the only relationship dynamic especially between husband and wife.

Husband and wife may be a tag team. However, we need to remember that even before they were husband and wife, both parties were individuals who found each other to be attractive and relatable. in other words, there was significant polarity between both husband and wife. That polarity is important in keeping the feeling of attraction.

If you have forgotten to do this, it means that your relationship is most likely to turn pretty stale. However, the good thing is that the polarity can be easily restored and reinstated. This is because of the nature of polarity. All it takes is for the husband to take a more masculine perspective and that can cause the feelings of attraction to re emerge, rekindling the love that your wife has for you.

Getting the conversation going

One of the most important aspects to a fruitful marriage is excellent communication. to achieve this, you would need to talk to your wife more. There are many couples who comes back from work and have a quiet dinner before going to do their separate things. When this happens, there is no communication between husband and wife. Both parties do not know what happened to their loved ones during the course of the day.

As years go by, this silence creates a real issue because the similarity and knowledge one has of their significant other wanes. The marriage becomes increasingly reliant on historic similarity, a sure fire way to lose any romantic feelings between both parties.

IF you have never been a great conversationalist or have not talked to your wife for so very long, it is ideal to start with short questions and statement of concern. This will allow both of you to ease into opening up more about what both parties are thinking and feeling at any time of the day, a key ingredient to building a fruitful relationship.

Make Her Feel Special

This is one of the most important things that you can do for your wife. To make her feel special. To be honest, you are probably the person who made her felt the most special. Else why marry you? It is true that she probably feels less so now but that does not mean that you cannot recreate that feeling.

Bought flowers for your wife when you were still courting her? You can still continue to do the same by getting a flower bouquet delivered to her workplace or your house. Yes, you can do a flower delivery in singapore but We will recommend that you be the one to pass the bouquet to your wife on your first attempt as it not only shows your sincerity but also comes as a complete surprise for her.

That said, we know that those who have not bought bouquets for a long long time will be out of touch. They may not know what are the more fashionable designs or the type of flowers that their wives like. If you do not know, you can always start with roses and slowly differentiate from there.

OF course, you must be sure that she does not have any flower allergy, in case you make matters worse by causing an allergic system.

IF you do not want to spend substantial amount of cash, you can also make her feel special by pulling out an old photo and making a photo frame with a handwritten note out of it. Spending so much effort and time to make the gift for her is sure to make her feel special. .

Telling her you love For her

Getting gifts for your wife is a great idea must most of the time, she may just want to hear words of affirmation and affection from you. When the time is right, you can always tell her that you love her. For husbands who are more shy and reserved, they may find that saying i love you is a lot harder than buying one thousand hydrangea bouquets for your wife. IF you feel that way, you really should make it a point to try to say it. If those words are tough to say, at least write her a card telling her that you love her.

Support Her Dreams

When you have been husband and wife for so long, there are times where both parties put their self interest, aspirations and goals aside to serve the mutual goal or the family needs. To show that you love her, do make it a point to support her dreams. It may not be something difficult like climbing a mountain. Instead it may be as simple as reassuring her that she is not crazy to pursue her own dreams, whatever they may be.

Be Loyal

This is a basic but most important point if you are keen to rekindle the flame with your wife. Being loyal. We know most of you are aware of what happened in hong kong with sammi cheung and andy hui. There is really not much point in doing all of the above only to not be loyal to your wife.

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