Preparing for your girlfriend’s graduation ceremony

Preparing for your girlfriend’s graduation ceremony

As a boyfriend, you will often ask the question if you need to be there at your girlfriend’s graduation ceremony. Some of us may be working or busy so it may mean that we will need to take leave to attend the ceremony. However, given that all of the universities, with the exception of SMU are all in far flung places of Singapore, it will be difficult to travel there. For example. both NUS and  NTU are in the East. For those living in the west, it will feel like going for point to point in Singapore. Hence, for some they may ask if they need to be there at all.

Why you need to be there

Apart from distance, many who have worked for a while, will feel that the graduation ceremony is just a blip in an otherwise long and winding corporate career. We know that the anxiousness of having to find a job as well as the stress of working life, and stop paying much emphasis on the graduation ceremony.

Graduation as a key milestone

However, it is not a good idea to skip the graduation ceremony as it is a key milestone that your girlfriend is celebrating. Even though she may have much to face after graduating, she has done much in order to get the certification. All those sleepless nights of project and thesis writing have all culminated in this moment where her academic achievement is recognised. Hence, the graduation ceremony is that one event where all her hard work is being recognised. This makes it important that you are there to witness it.

Do not be late

When you are going for the commencement ceremony, one very important thing is not to be late. IF you are late, you might as well not go in the first place. It will be very awkward to attend only to miss her walk up to stage to collect her certification.

Understanding the internal shuttle

You may also want to ask around beforehand about how to get to the destination. It is not always easy to find the exact location where the ceremony is held. We know of cases where some of our friends are exceptionally late because they find themselves on the wrong side of the campus and do not know how to get from one end to another. As these campuses are rather huge and in far flung places, it is not easy to get a cab to get to your destination. In fact, even if you get into the cab, the taxi driver may not know which building you are referring to. Hence, you will fare better with the internal school shuttle. However, that can be a hassle especially when you are in a rush and is not familiar with which shuttle to take.

What to bring to the ceremony

One of the things you definitely need to bring is a camera or camera phone. This is because what is a graduation ceremony without good photos to commemorate the event. If you want good photos you should really consider getting the huawei p30. We heard rave reviews about this phone which is a proud collaboration between the huawei phone series and the leica camera lens company.

Bring a Selfie stick

Apart from being a camera enabled phone, it will also be a good idea to bring a selfie stick with you. At a graduation ceremony you will be hard pressed to find someone who can help you take the photos you want. Hence it is a good idea to bring along a Selfie stick. That will allow you to take those group photos that are very popular these days. Also, it also allows you to take photos of the ceremony, which wouldn’t have been possible due to the large crowd.

Getting a nice bouquet of flowers

You would also need a nice bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend. Graduation is one of those events where there will be a lot of flower bouquets out and about. Hence you need to make sure that you do not buy those generic bouquets that others will buy. This is because many people who are attending the event will buy these bouquets too and it will start looking like the bouquet was issued by the university along with the graduation gown. Instead you would rather buy something special for your girlfriend. One good example will be a super luxurious hydrangea bouquet. That will make her gift stand out from the rest and it will also show how much she means to you.

Choosing a great delivery

We know guys do not like the inconvenience of having to lug a big flower bouquet to the other side of Singapore. To make it more convenient for our clients, we do flower bouquet delivery to the university building. That way you will not have to bother with the logistic of getting graduation flowers for your girlfriend.

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