Points to note when sending flowers

There are generally a few important points to note before you decide on which bouquet to send with our Singapore flower delivery program.Firstly it depends on who you are sending. Is it your girlfriend, wife, mother, best friend forever or a crush? Secondly, what kind of bouquet you send depends largely on what occasion it is. To give you an example of a nice bouquet to the wrong place, imagine what will happen if you send a romantic bouquet to your girlfriend when she has just undergone surgery. In those situations, the deep romantic rose bouquet may actually look a little too tacky. Instead, you may want to go for something more pastel white or send her a sunflower bouquet to cheer her up. Most guys sign up for flower delivery with the sweetest intent. Hence no one wants to get it wrong. This tendency to not want to get it wrong makes guys go for the safe tried and tested bouquet that they have sent before. On a side note, if any girls out there read this and feel your partner is a tad too boring, it may just be because he does not want to disappoint you by sending something you don’t like. We can vouch that it is not for a lack of effort!  

Sending romantic bouquets

Ideally, you will want to buy your lady flowers every day, but we all know that none of us have the budget to do that. That said, sending flowers only during valentines day, anniversary or birthdays can feel as if you are following a sort of social routine and not being genuine enough. Hence we will recommend that you send flowers once every month so that your lady is constantly being reminded of your adoration for her. 

That said, please try to remember to send flowers during special occasions. This is because guys tend to forget the small little details in life. This is made worse by the hectic life styles and hyper connected world that we lead. Who here remembers the phone number of your girlfriend or wife. If you cannot remember her phone number, you probably also will not know her favorite flowers! We will advice that you save these important dates into your Google Calendar three days before the actual event. That way you can then have the time to look around for the best flowers that remind you of her. To many girls, its not the small details that count but rather the effort to remember these small details. The effort makes her feel more cherished and appreciated. 

Hence, please kindly remember her birthday date, your anniversary or any particular date that is unique to both of you. While Valentine Day is a must, it is even more impressive if you deliver a bouquet of flowers to celebrate some small thing that she never expect you to even remember.

Who are you sending flowers to?

There are many who claim that you should deliver a bouquet of flowers to your girl either at her home or her work place where everyone can witness and participate in her joy of receiving these flowers. However, Singapore Flower Delivery may not be meant for you as not all girls appreciate the public attention. We personally know more introverted girls who would hide under their desk as if its a bomb shelter. Hence before you engage us or any florist for flower delivery services, ask yourself what your girl is like.

If your girl is shy and quiet, its always best to bring the flowers yourself and give it to her in a more private situation, such as 1-1 romantic dinner or just a casual coffee chat. While you should not send the flowers straight to her office, it does not mean you cannot send it to your own office so that you don’t have to make an additional trip out to the flower shop. 

That said, if your girl prefers a little public display of concern and appreciation, you can definitely leverage on our free Singapore flower delivery program

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