How to care for your Orchids in sunny Singapore

At Soap and Petals, our main business is flower delivery in Singapore but we also offer a wide range of Phalaenopsis Orchids that you can bring home. While our orchids are often blooming at the point of sale,  clients have always asked us about how to care for these beautiful orchids. Hence, we have decided to sit down and jot down all the little tips and info nuggets that will aid our orchids thrive at your house or work place.

The first thing you can do is to get a healthy and beautiful orchid plant from your trusted Florist.

Often floral shops like us will have a couple of orchids that are ready for sale. These orchids have been imported from overseas and carefully potted in nice elegant white pots. If your local florist do not have the color of orchids that you want, you can ask that they help you order and collect it the next day. This will ensure that you get the right color of orchids that you are looking for.

Color is not the only consideration when you are buying orchids, you also have to make sure that the leaves are rigid and not torn.

Further, they also should not have any black marks on them. Many a time orchids get damaged during transportation. Some leaves get torn or even ripped off. This will affect the look and feel of the orchid when you put it in your house so always remember to inspect the orchids before making the purchase 

Getting orchids with some unopened flower buds

We know it is tempting for you to buy the nicest pot of orchid in full bloom However, if the orchids are in full bloom, they will not last as long. Rather you should get orchids that still have some flower buds left unopened. This way, they still have some blooming to do when you bring it home.

Using the right amount of water 

How much you water your orchid really depends on the mix that you have used for your orchid, whether you used more tree bark bits or more soil and moss material. Tree bark bits due to the angular shapes are more porous in nature and allow the orchids’s roots to get more air. On the other hand, moss will tend to trap more water. If you have a more porous pot mix, you can water a little more than once a week. However, if your mix is denser, please do not water too often.

Watering at the right spot

It isn’t just about how much you water, but also where you water. Please do not water the crown of the orchid as this will cause crown rot. Always water near the roots so that the plant will have sufficient moisture. If your florist has installed some moss for you as we do, it will be easier to maintain your orchid as the moss will help to maintain the moisture level in the pot

Water Temperature

In terms of water temperature, do try to use lukewarm water and not ice cubes. There has been a lot of online information suggesting that orchid owners use ice cubes to water their orchids. This is partly because the slow melting of ice will help to better permeate the pot mix with moisture. However, phalaenopsis orchids are tropical plants which do not have access to fridges and coca cola ^^. So, they are less likely to appreciate the cold icy thing u put on top of her. 

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our in-house florist.

How often should you water 

Most people have the common misconception that just because orchids are tropical plans they need lots of water. This is not true as they are more like air plants and subsist on the moisture in the air. If you look at the orchids that are thriving well, you will realise that the potting medium is often slightly moist but not wet. As a rule of thumb, try not to water your orchid more than once per week

Where to put your orchid

 Another common misconception is that your orchid needs lots of sunlight. This is not true and doing so may cause your orchids to be sunburned. One way to tell how your orchid is faring is by looking a the colour of the leaves. If the orchid leaves are bright green you can skip this portion as it means that your orchids are getting just about enough light. If they are dark green, you may want to shift it to a place with more light or install a florescent lamp near your orchids. However, more often than not our clients in Singapore often see dark blotches on the leaves. This means that your orchid is getting toasted by the sun and it will be a good idea to place them in a more shaded area in your house

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