Mother’s Day: A Brief History of this important occasion

Have you ever wondered what the origin story of mother’s day is? We did! With every super hero getting their own origin story, this flower delivery singapore team figured that mothers being the superheros in our lives deserve to get some attention to. Here are some interesting facts about how mother’s day came to be.

History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s day was first made an official US Holiday by Anna Jarvis. But who is Anna Jarvis? She certainly has nothing to do with Iron Man’s Jarvis, his butler and eventually the artificial intelligence which helps iron man with well virtually everything. Rather. Ann Reeves was the daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis who started Mothers’ Day work clubs so as to help educate locals about how they should care for their children. With the passing of her mum, Reeves created the concept of Mother’s Day to help commemorate the sacrifices of mothers.

However, a concept thought up by just about anyone will not become a national holiday. Instead, Reeves’ idea became well known as she started a massive letter writing outreach to newspapers and politicians to make them take ‘Mother’s Day’ seriously. Anyone who has done blog out reach before will know that tremendous pain and slim probability of success but this is not just blog outreach. In 1904, addresses will most certainly not be found on google or even yellow pages. This goes to show just how much effort Reeves put into getting Mother’s Day its national and subsequently international recognition. However, this all paid off when Woodrow wilson gave his presidential recognition of ‘Mother’s Day’.

Our take

Here at soapnpetals, we do not place that big an emphasis on Mother’s Day. Yes we feel it is an important day in so far as it helps to remind us to appreciate all the sacrifices that our mothers have made for us. However, just like Valentine Day, one single day is not enough and should not be the only day you think of your mother.

We hope all the sons and daughters out there remember their mothers for without mothers, none of us will be here.

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