Love Message for your Loved Ones

For every flower bouquet from our flower delivery singapore program, there will be a love note. Love messages is not just about your girlfriend or boyfriend. Instead, it is a day that celebrates all forms of love, be it love between siblings, family or friends. However, not all of us are great at expressing ourselves. We may feel a wealth of emotions but when we want to pen it down, somehow the words get stuck and doesn’t come out naturally or at all. These words are important as it brings a personal touch to the bouquet that you have purchased. Here are some tips for the writing of that little handwritten note to your loved ones.

The key is to focus not so much on them but more on how you feel.  

For your Child: 
Children are under our protection and hence they often receive instructions from us about how to conduct themselves. Even when they are in trouble or feel down, we will normally tell them what to do and at times even instruct them on how to feel. As such, there is often communication and emotional disconnect that creeps into the relationship. 

When writing to your child, feel the vulnerability that you will feel if you are in their shoes, being so inexperienced with the world and yet brimming with curiosity. Next, feel the pride you have at how they have handled their challenges much better than when you are a kid. From there, you have entered a state of appreciation not just for your kid but also for your parent and child relationship in general. This is a great emotional starting point for you to write a heart felt note. Many a time children can sense your state of vulnerability and ironically this vulnerability actually allows them to feel closer to you.

A suitable present: 

We may not advocate giving flowers to your child unless they are real flower lovers. Rather we may recommend that you bring them for our build your own bouquet course so that you can spend some quality time with your kid. However, if your kid is a tad too young or don’t have a natural affinity to flowers, then we would rather you buy them some chocolates or a lovely notebook to show how much you care for them.

For your Friend/Sibling: 
If it is a friend that you will want to give something to for Valentine day (and it is not a friend you have a crush on) then we are pretty sure this friend is one which has been through thick and thin with you.   

When writing to to your friend, it is ideal to remember what it was like when you guys were a tag team facing the world’s challenges together. Or it may be a situation where she/he lent you support and was understanding when you felt alone and unhappy. Very often, these memories get hidden deep in the recess of our minds and we kind of forget how lucky we are to have such people in our lives supporting us and providing us the needed direction and assistance when we need it most. 

A suitable present: 

We will advocate that you buy a nice rose bouquet for your friend. It will be best if the bouquet can be of her favorite color.

For your Parents: 
Parents are the easiest to write yet the hardest to write for. This is because there are just too many things that our parents do for us that we can write 4 reams worth of A3 paper about how we appreciate them. However, spending everyday with them also makes it slightly awkward to write these things. There in lies the difficulty.  

We thought about it and the tip we used is to think of how we will be like without our parents in our lives. We don’t mean over a long stretch of time like say 2 to 3 years. Instead, try to think about how life will be like for the last week. How small things in your life which you never thought much about will become major hiccups because your parents are not there to help. When we write these things, we show appreciation to our parents, telling them that we noticed their contributions and sacrifices no matter how small.  

A suitable present: 

We don’t think you will need a present for your parents because the note will be a present enough. However, we are also quite sure you can drive your mum to tears if you surprise her with a bouquet as well. 

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