The virtues of a long distance relationship

All the while, there has been a strong stigma about long distance relationships in Singapore. Those who have ever been in one would have felt it strongly. For some reason, people seem to think that the relationship is a figment of your imagination that you cooked up to get anxious relatives off your back. For average people like us, people seem to only believe when they see our significant other with their own eyes. With that social stigma, why will anyone want to be in a long distance relationship?

Why a long distance relationship

With that much social stigma, why will you want to be in a long distance relationship. Honestly, no one wants to be in a long distance relationship if they have a choice. Most of us make do when our significant other gets a new overseas job assignment. We would have rather spend time in person with him or her rather than over whatsapp and skype. However, given the circumstances, most of us simply work with what we have.

For others, they may have known their significant other on the web. With the speed and ease of modern internet connectivity, there is really no difference between online communication with someone in Jurong vs Thailand. This ease of communication creates less barriers for people from different countries to know each other. That creates a fertile ground for cross national long distance relationships to bloom too.

Difficulties of being in a long distance relationship

Long distance relationship is hard and not for the faint hearted. Firstly, you are not able to be in intimate contact with your significant other. this is not just about being able to touch them. Rather, you are removed from their offline lives and not in their physical circle of friends. You don’t know what he or she is doing day to day, how they lived their happiness, worries and sorrows. This inability to be there for each other reduces the day to day commonalities that are often an important building block in a relationship.

As the long distance relationship is mainly carried out online, it can lead to many misunderstandings. If your significant other is in Singapore, you can take a Grab or Taxi to see him or her if they do not pick up their calls or do not reply your messages. How can you do that in a long distance relationship. The answer is that you can’t. This means that you are more likely to be so anxious and worried when he or she does not come online at that stipulated time slot.

If your long distance relationship is across time zone, it is even more difficult. Talking to each other would mean that one party has to sacrifice their sleep. The toll that will take on a person over time is immense.

The merits

As the entire relationship is dependent on online words, we tend to value each message more than we would have otherwise. Remember those days when there was no messages and everything came in the form of a letter and stamp? In those days, we read and reread messages and even keep these little letters in a treasure box. These days, messages get stored on our phones and are forgotten the minute we finish reading them. However, for a long distance relationship, as these messages are far a few between, we tend to treat them the way we used to treat traditional letters. This increased attention to detail allow us to better understand what our significant other means or is feeling right now. Hence even though you communicate less, you also communicate more deeply. When seen in this way, the dept of the communication can actually help to make the relationship more intimate.

Even though you are apart, you can still surprise him or her through the effective use of technology. A good example of that is during Valentine day. While most local couples have no issues getting flower bouquets to each other, you may have an issue due to the long distance and the difference in time zone. That will not be the case if you select a local flower bouquet delivery service  and factor in the different time zone and address.

Your relationship can withstand hardship.

Some relationships are a product of convenience as two parties get pushed along by the forces in life. However, you can be sure that yours is not. In a long distance relationship you have made the choice to stick with all the inconveniences. As both parties are willing to make sacrifices, it sets a strong foundation for your relationship to withstand future conflicts and drama. Hence, you are more likely to have a long and constructive love relationship compared to your peers. This means that you may still be in that one long distance relationship whereas your peers may have switched partners multiple time during the course of the year.


No one said a long distance relationship will be easy. However, with the difficulties also come a set of benefits that can potentially make your relationship stronger. We hope you have benefited as much from reading this as we have in writing.

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