Hydrangea: Changing color

Customers of our flower delivery singapore program are crazy about our hydrangea bouquets. They often come in looking for these large impressive blooms but want it in different colours. Little do they know that hydrangeas can actually change color!

Hydrangeas bloom in the months of June to August and their blooms can have very different colors. The most common colors will be blue, pink, green and white. However, not many know that the colors of pink and blue hydrangeas can be changed over time. The trick to achieving this is to adjust the ph of the soil ph as a measure of acidity and alkalinity. 7 is neutral and anything less than that is Acidic while anything more than that is 14.

Color of hydrangeas

The color of hyrdangeas is not the result of the flower having different type of pigment. Instead, it has more of a litmus paper property, reflecting the acidity of the soil which it is grown from Hydrangea’s color can be adjusted through control of the soil’s acidity because it is sensitive to the amount of aluminium that it can absorb from the soil. By making the soil more alkaline, This, in turn, is controlled by the acidity of the soil.

The reason why ph affects the amount of aluminum uptake is because aluminum ions are more active and mobile in acidic soil as there are more free ions for them to interact with. However, in alkaline soil, the aluminum reacts with hydroxide to form alumninum hydroxide which are heavier compounds and thus less active.

Pink to blue

To turn the color of a hydrangea from pink to blue, put some aluminium sulphate or alum into the soil and watch it turn blue!

Blue to pink

If you want to turn a blue hydrangea pink, get some lime and mix it with the water. This will cause the hydrangea to turn pink.

Royal purple

To get a royal purple, find a deep red hydrangea and add a little aluminum in the soil so that they can have a little blue that will mix with the original redness to give the purple tone that you like.

Is it instantaneous?

Unfortunately, the color of hydrangea cannot be changed instantaneously as it takes time for the flowers to adapt to the acidity of the soil. Instead it takes about one to two bloom seasons to slowly change the color of the hydrangea to your intended one.

How about green and white hydrangeas?

The green and white hydrangeas belong to a different breed of hydrangeas called anabelle hydrangeas. These hydrangeas go from green to white and back to green. They are special in that they do not change colour even if you change the acidity of the soil.

While we do not grow hydrangeas in Singapore, it is great to be able to better appreciate this unique grandiose flower and how it gets its colour! If you will like a bouquet, do not hesistate to use our flower delivery in Singapore.

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