How to preserve your rose bouquet

With Mother’s day approaching, we have been very busy with our flower delivery singapore program. However, as with many other Mother’s day, we know that many recipients of our lovely bouquets will end up throwing the flowers away one or two weeks after Mother’s Day. This is because the roses will start to wither and the bouquet as a whole will look as if it is dying. Who wants to keep a dying bouquet on their table anyway. However, that need not be the end of that once fresh and lovely rose bouquet. You can still keep these flowers pretty. One of those ways will be to dry these flower bouquets. However, How are we to dry them? Below are a couple of ways that you can dry flowers!

Hairspray your roses

One of the easiest way to preserve your precious rose bouquet is to spray the flowers with a moderate amount of hair spray. When applying hair spray, always do it away from sunlight and open flames. This is because hairspray is highly flammable and we don’t want you to be hurt in the process. Once you have found yourself a nice cool corner to treat ur flowers, tie them with a string and hang them on a hanger. Thereafter, lift them 6-8 inches away from the spraycan before giving them a light coat of hairspray. Be sure not to place the flowers too near the spray nozzle as the strength of the burst may cause some fragile parts of the flower stem to break.

Traditional Press

IF you are not a fan of hairspray, you may want to do the more traditional method of finding a large book and pressing your flowers. Pressing your flowers this way will help to keep the flowers vibrant. Before pressing the flowers, there are a few tips that you should know. Flowers with flat surface areas are the easiest to press whereas flowers like roses with the round flower heads can be a little more difficult. This is because we want a nice 2 dimensional picture of the flower which cannot be achieved if we squash the rose flat with the weight of the heavy book. Hence what is needed is for us to split them in the middle with a scissors or knife. Be careful not to cut yourself. After preparing the flowers for pressing, the next thing you need to do is to get nice moisture absorbent paper. While normal printer paper will suffice, we do recommend those non corrugated coffee filters which are great at getting the moisture out of the flowers. Once you have the flowers nicely placed under a heavy book, do remember to change the paper once every 2 weeks so that you can make sure all the moisture has been absorbed.

Expedited Pressing and the risks

If you are the impatient sort,you may not want to wait 2-4 weeks for your pressed flowers. In that case, we will recommend that you use an iron or microwave. This will allow you to get your flowers real fast but is a slightly riskier move. This is because applied heat is involved and there is one thing that you need to remember before doing so. It is always good to use low heat when u are first trying to dry your roses. This dramatically reduces the risk of using applied heat on the flowers.  Once, your flowers are dried, you can set them up in a fancy frame that you can get from Sunshine Plaza or Artfriend, labelling it as the valentine day flowers that you have gotten for 2019! 


If you have all the time in the world and is more of the bochup type, then the easiest way to preserve flowers is probably right for you; air drying. Simply turn your bouquet or flowers upside down and hang them to the ceiling or a high fixture. Once the flowers have fully dried, you can then dismantle the bouquet by releasing the ribbon and split out the various flowers amongst your different rooms or tables.

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