How to nurse a broken heart

how to nurse a broken heart

Many flower shops doing flower delivery in Singapore often thrive on happiness in relationships. We need boyfriends to buy flowers for girlfriends, or husbands to buy flowers for wives. You know the drill. But how about those who are suffering from heartbreak? We do not wish to neglect them as well. Hence we have decided tos hare some tips on how to nurse a broken heart

Why is this important: most people have had their heartbroken

Those of us who have had the fortune of having been in a love relationship will have also had the misfortune of falling out of love. It may be that ex boyfriend or girlfriend or even something hurtful that your current partner has done. The emotional pain from being heart broken can be so damaging that many of us who have been through it never want to experience it again. Yet interestingly enough, we are still constantly reminded of the experience by certain events or places. Those who had their breakup in a particular mall would probably avoid going to the mall due to the bad memories that it brings. This shows how deeply heart breaks affect us.

It is important to talk about heartbreak not just because it is common and damaging. Instead we need to focus on heartbreak because of how unexpected it is when it comes. Most of us do not expect to be heartbroken, else we will be borderline psychotic. When we expect things to go well, being heartbroken can literally feel like your world is crashing down. While we should not be all pessimistic about love, we should keep in mind some good ways to nurse a broken heart when we either get one or meet someone with one.

Why is a heartbreak so painful

Heartbreaks are so painful because they are neurologically similar to having a withdrawal from a drug withdrawal. In some sense, it is the same just that one is perfectly legal and natural while the latter will get you into Changi Prison. This withdrawal is not just a withdrawal from the relationship but also from a steady release of feel good chemicals.

Further, when you are in a relationship, there is another party who is interested and actively listening to what you have done for your day no matter how mundane. However, for those who are suffering from a breakup, not only are they hurting from the breakup, they are also constantly reminded of being alone in the world. this creates a double whammy causing the heartbreak to become very painful.

This heartbreak causes many to look for reprieve in a new relationship as fast as possible. However, this can lead to a disaster in the long term as multiple consecutive heartbreaks can break a person’s psyche.

Do Heartbreaks tend to affect women more

When we talk about heartbreaks, it seems interesting that women are more affected than guys are. Some claim that women take on larger biological risk as a failed relationship still may lead to pregnancy and emotional scars. However, we do not agree with that assessment.

These days men are equally affected by the relationship as they invest a great deal of their time and effort in the relationship. No longer do men just work and become completely devoid of emotional investment. Instead men increasingly crave relationships as a way to fulfill their emotional needs.

Instead, what we feel happens often is that guys in their breakup, often do not like to talk about it. They do not share their emotional hurt with their friends as much as girls do and hence it may appear that the heartbreak affects women more.

Letting time heal all wounds.

There are some who will say that time heals all wounds. That is the most popular way of nursing a broken heart as most people just do not know how to go about it. That said, as time goes by, the pain does get reduced due to regency effect and that allows us to move on with our lives and foster new better relationships.

Seeing the positive side

Some relationships are not meant to be while others are there to challenge you and make you grow. This does not mean that they will last. However, they can have a lasting positive effect on you. As long as you keep that in mind and appreciate the positive changes that the relationship has on you, you will not feel that you have wasted all those years with the lady or man that broke your heart. There are many who say that it is the journey that counts and not the end point. We feel there is some truth in that as we all can learn a great deal about ourselves and what we truly need from the relationship journey.

Focusing on one self

The pain of heartbreak is in a large part, the pain of losing a part of yourself. As we are so used to having our significant other in our life, they at times seem like an extension of our identity and self. As a result, the breakup results in a vacant space or hole in our identity. While we may be upset, a good way to fill that hole is to focus on one’s self development. This will allow our identity to grow and eventually fill up the hole where the relationship once was.

A great part of this self realisation is that it may even lead to a more fulfilling relationship down the road as you may attract better partners given your new identity and psychological make up.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

It may sound like an odd piece of advice after all that talk about self development. However, not being hard on yourself is the one balancing act that you need to do. It does not help to inflict self blame especially during a breakup. What you need is to go easy on yourself and let your emotions and self settle into the new reality. Self discovery is a long process and does not need to be an overnight breakthrough.

We hope we have rendered some comfort and light for those who have been hurt very recently.

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