How to make your mother happy

Mother’s Day is important as it helps us commemorate and celebrate the one person who we cannot live without. Without our mothers, we will never be born and will never experience life as we know. When we are first born, we are helpless little babies who would have died if not for our mother’s unwavering care and support. Our mothers sacrificed much to make sure that we grow up healthily. In addition, having a child is not just about having the resources to feed him or her.

As a child grows up, their psychological needs becomes far more complex. They start having their own views which may or may not agree with their mothers. As they grow older, they start to have their own lives and views which makes them drive further from their own mothers. It is difficult for mothers to see their children drift away from them but they know that it is in the best interest of their children. Such is the mobility of our mothers.

Even though we drift further from our mothers, here are some ways we can make her feel appreciated and loved. Such actions are small and do not require much effort on our part. However, it reminds us not to take our mother’s and their selfless caring for granted.

Many of our clients buy bouquets from our flower delivery singapore program as gifts to their mothers. However, we hope appreciation of our mothers is not just a one off thing and it should be something that we do all round the year. Here are some tips that we can think of:

Always remember to call her back

There are times when our mothers call when we are in the middle of something urgent. This can be a work presentation or a tutorial in National University of Singapore. Often, it is difficult to pick up these calls as we will be disrupting other people as well. These days, the advancement of mobile technologies make it really easy for us to just text her back. It may be via whatsapp or a more conventional message if your mum is not well versed in the modern apps. By telling her we will call her back, we remove her anxiety that something has happened to her children.

As our mothers get older, we as children also need to be more sensitive and take better care of them. This is because our mothers have become more frail and less able to take care of themselves. Imagine what it will be like if she called due to a medical or health emergency and we do not pick it up. The good thing is that as children climb up the corporate ladder, they also become more senior with more autonomy in their corporate lives. For some, they may even have their own offices, which makes calling their mothers back relatively easy.

Remember to go home

As we grow up, we get more and more busy with our own lives. This is a problem because we are likely to get home much later. When we spend less time at home and more time outside, our mothers are sure to be worried. She may not say it but it does not mean that she is not concerned. For those who are living at home, do remember to go home early when you have the chance. However, if you have your own family, you need to remember that you have a mother living at your old home and you need to make it a point to go home as often as you can. This will help you continue to stay involved in her life, which is important as your mother will not feel neglected by your increasingly busy schedule.

Eat What She Serves

I have the experience of having to cook for the family when my mother is out. While it did not feel like that difficult a task for the first few days, it got increasingly difficult to cook a different dish every single day. As such, there are bound to be hits and misses where one day the food on the dinner table is just not what you like to eat. We have all been there, disliking the food that was given to us after a long day at work. While we may not like the food, we should also note the effort that our mothers have put in and not be rude and refuse to eat what she has painfully cooked.

Be patient with her

We mentioned earlier that some of our mothers are not apt with mobile technologies and thus may need some coaching. Growing up in the world of 10 cent pay phones and pagers, she may not be the most technology inclined. Hence, she may ask questions that to us may feel second nature. While we are busy, please be patient with her and guide her through the use of the technology slowly.

Thank your perfect accomplice

Our mothers are our perfect accomplice. You remember the times where she help you get your dad’s approval for you to go overseas? Or the time where she help you get your dad to forgive you for something you have done. How about the time where she kept your little secret which would have blown up in your face if your dad knew.

Your mum does this only because she wants to help you and feel closer to you. She feels that in sharing with her, you have let her in on your little secret and hence she should support you as much as she could.

Say Thank you

When was the last time you thanked your mum for something. Many of us may have felt grateful that our mothers have done a lot of things to support us. However, we have never felt the need to say thank you. It may be because of the familiarity with her or because it would seem awkward in the relationship. However, a short thank you note will be great because it will make her feel appreciated and that all her effort did not go unnoticed.


As we spend time with our mums, there will be times where we disagree with her or if we made some off the cuff remark that hurt her. These things are normal and do happen in daily lives. However, we should make it a point to apologise to her if we are in the wrong. This not just quells any upset or angry feelings that she has but also lets her know that her children are understanding of her point of view and value how she feels.

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