How to Decorate your house for a Party in Singapore

Whether you are a celebrity, an instagram influencer or just average joes like us, there will always be that one or two occasion where you invite your friends over to your house for dinner or just to hang out. We have already gone for 4-5 hangouts at our friend’s place over the past three months. While talking to our friends, they often remark at how their houses are just humble abodes with no decoration. This got us to think about using flowers to decorate parts of the house. As hosts, all of us want to give our guest the best impression as possible. Here are a few tips to decorate your house!

Flowers are a great way to decorate your house. They are fresh, injecting some natural elements in your house. This often help to beautiful many of the wooden furniture in your house as wood and flowers belong to each other in nature. Get yours from our flower delivery singapore program now!

Why flowers are the best form of decoration

Further flowers are comparatively affordable compared to pieces of art. While art pieces cost anywhere from $300 to a $1000, immensely beautiful flower arrangement can be achieved for under $300. 

Further if you invite your friends over frequently, flowers have the added benefit of being unique. You dont have to bore your guest by always using the same art piece as decor. Used a white hydrangea the last time, use a blue one this time round. Or even switch to something completely different like sunflowers. 

If you are new to the art of floral arrangement, you can place your favorite blooms in two or three vases at the center of your table. Do however remember that even in this simple diy, you should only put complementary colors together. A rose of red roses would not go well with say a vase of orange roses. If you really want to pull that off, put a vase of white flowers beside them. This will ensure that your three vases of roses will look gorgeous as the white will help to neutralize and bridge the other deeper colors. 

Apart from using different colors you can also try to elevate two of the jars with a flower stand or a beautiful wood block. This is recommended as the height differential will help the flowers to stand out  

Type of Flowers

Did we mention roses? oh yes we did! Roses are often a good choice as they are very beautiful and are great as stand alone flowers. Further, if you want your room to have a more romantic setting you can choose to fill your vases with red roses. This will help to set the mood and also allow your guest to admire the fresh flowers. Your guest will most certainly be impressed by your choice of flowers and have a great lasting impression of you as a host. 

While roses are a great choice, they are not the only choice. Our personal favorite will be the hydrangea which is not only elegant but also super luxurious. Having these at your table settling or on your drawer will really add a luxurious feel to your house.

There are some who have a large area to cover. They may have a few round tables where their friends will sit around or have many small dressing table which need flowers. In those cases, we will not advice going for hydrangeas or roses as having too many of these will be an overkill. What you can do instead, is to buy caspier or baby breath. These come in huge bundles so you can place some in small beakers or glass containers at the center of every table. This trick is not original as we learned them from some of the best restaurants like St Pierre at One Fullerton. They use white baby breath which really adds a spirit if purity and purpose to the entire space. 

If you will like flowers with a scent you may consider either lavender or peonies. These will definitely give your house a refreshing scent but do remember that lavender may make your guest feel really sleepy and can’t concentrate on what you say!

Something more exquisite

Of course,if you will like something exquisite, we will recomnend you to get one of our luxurious flower vases. These vases are beautifully designed by our floral stylist to exude elegance, and class. 

They are ideal for large wooden tables and can be customised according to your very needs. For example, if you want to choose a certain type of colour or get a certain type of flower, we can specially arrange for it. We can even guide you along as you do your own vase. By attending our flower jar workshop, you will be on your way to creating more lovely and elegant flower jars on your own. 

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