How important are flowers in proposals?

As a florist specialising in flower delivery in Singapore, we have men who come by after work and ask if we do any flower bouquets for proposals. First thing first. Kudos to them! We are so glad that they have made the decision to get married. This is not an easy decision to make for you are deciding on who to live with for the rest of your life. However, making that decision alone is not the most important. What is most important is that the lady has to say yes. What is the point of making the decision to marry her when she rejects you?

The fear of rejection is real. Most guys put everything on the line when it comes to proposing for her hand. The money, heart, ego and knee pain. Yet what all guys have in common is that they all don’t want to think of the probability that she might say no. This is because that has huge implications for the relationship going forward. IF she say no does it mean she wants to break up? Does it mean she is not ready? If she is not when will she be ready?

There are a couple of reasons that she can say no. Your lady might feel shocked or unprepared. She may feel it is too soon to talk about marriage. She may not think you are marriage material. Those are not things we can help you with. However, if she feels your proposal is not sincere enough, we can definitely help you!

At Soapnpetals, we can make the perfect proposal bouquet that can show your sincerity. We are so focused on sincerity, we even created the option where we help you build your own bouquet. That is right! How many men can confidently say that they made their own proposal bouquet. At Soapnpetals, we put you in in the drivers seat. You get to choose what kind of flowers you will like to use and also the wrapping paper that you are interested in.

If you are not comfortable with making your own proposal bouquet, we can also do it for you. A look at our line of floral bouquets will tell you one thing. We have had extensive experience working with and for women of class. By giving her one of our customised luxurious looking floral bouquet, she will feel like the princess she is meant to be. That way, it will be easier for you to ask for her hand.

We are not saying that the floral bouquet is the most important element in a proposal. To be honest, sincerity beats every other factor hands down. Without sincerity, there is nothing you can do that will make her say yes. Women can smell whether you mean your salt from a mile away so you can be sure that she knows if you are sincere. Within that context, having a luxurious looking bouquet that she can look and smile at, makes it easier for her to imagine a life of happiness with you.

With that said, all the best for all the guys who are proposing out there!

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