How are roses grown

We know it is difficult to grow roses in Singapore and that is why all the roses in our flower delivery singapore program are imported. Given the lack of temperate climate, the chances of any rose surviving in this climate are slim. However, this does not stop us equatorial people from asking the question of how roses are grown. Curiosity should not be curtailed by where you are born in!

How Roses are grown

In broad strokes, roses are either grown from own root or from grafting. Own root rose planting is probably a concept that we are familiar with as it is essentially a germination process that is similar to how we used to grow small plants out of green beans in kindergarden. However, there seems to be one cool trick that sets this process apart from growing green beansprout. More on that later. Grafting on the other hand is the result of transplanting an intended rose variety on another so as to grow the former out of the latter.

Difference between own root and grated rose

If we back out a little, we will find ourselves asking the question ‘How to tell a own root rose from a grafted rose?’ The answer is that you may not be able to.

IF you are seeing the rose in a floral shop like ours, there is no way you can tell. A grafted rose looks no different in your bouquet than when it has been grown from its roots. However, you will be able to tell the difference when you look at the rose before it is harvested. This is because own root roses grow fuller bushes than those which are grafted.

Grafting a rose

Grafted Rose is a rose that is grafted on an under stock. The grafting is done in mid summer when the sap in the rose stem is flowing, thereby increasing the chance that the plant will be ‘tricked’ into healing itself. When doing grafting, an incursion is created in the stem of an under stock. The understock is the plant which will form the foundation of your grafting. Once the incursion is created, a bud of the grafted rose is inserted into the incursion. This is wrapped up with parafilm, which will fall off when the grafting is successful and the bud grows out of the confines of the wrapper.

Benefits of grafting roses

The advantage of grafting a rose is that there are some beautiful rose varieties that have very weak root structure. By combining both a beautiful flower variety with a plant that has a strong root structure, you increase the resiliency of the grafted product.

Own root rose

Own Root rose is rose that is grown by allowing parts of the original rose to grow roots. It is then transplanted into the soil and begins its germination into a mature rose from there.

Benefit of getting a root rose

The benefit of getting an own root rose is that there is a higher possibility of more shoots out of the soil. These shoots may grow into new branches of roses, increasing the yield for the rose grower. 

A lot of trouble has been spend to grow the rose and while it is difficult for us to grow such beautiful roses in Singapore, knowing a little about the process can help us better appreciate the rose that we have on hand. If you wish to get a rose bouquet from our flower delivery singapore program, please do not hesitate to contact us! For more information about the differences, do check out the video below

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