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happy bunch review

When you are looking for a florist to do a flower delivery in Singapore, you are bound to find happybunch on the first page of google. Today we will be doing a review of happy bunch in Singapore. This is one of the most popular florist in Singapore. Happy bunch started out in Malaysia and prides itself in providing the most affordable bouquets.

Online flower catalog

One of the great things about Happy Bunch’s website is the responsiveness of the site. Loading speed is fast and there are no issues, with having to wait for the site to load on your pc. Scoring a good 72 out of a 100 based on page insights, viewers on computers and tablets will be able to view the page very quickily.

In terms of selection, Happy bunch also takes the guesswork out of the picture. There is really no need to pick and choose as you can always go for the Daily or Weekly Bunch. If you think there is only one design available for daily then you are mistaken. Happy bunch provides up to 5 designs for you to choose from on a day to day basis.

Great reviews

Happy Bunch has managed to amass good reviews online. It is rated 4.25 on Facebook and 3.9 out of 5 by Thebestsingapore. As far as Google reviews are concered. It got a 4.1 out of 5. Do note that for some reason there are way more votes in Thebestsingapore (261) vs less than 50 for both google and facebook reviews. However, this does not mean that they are not good as you can see very rave reviews on facebook!

Interesting fact

Happybunch does one of the best product collabs that we have seen in the market. Those who do not buy from them will not know about their keratase shampoo product bundle. While one will not automatically associate flowers with shampoo, the brand equity they is transferred from keratase makes it such a brilliant strategy. Kudos to the marketing team.

Recently, we also noticed Happy Bunch introduced a Happy Box which seems to include hand cream, cashew nibs and soy candle. We think this is a very well thought out concept that helps guys to set the mood for a romantic dinner.

Product Selection

Happy Bunch’s collection is not as extensive as Fareast. However, we do find their product selection to be cheaper and more streamlined. This helps to reduce decision paralysis for the consumer and in its own unique way helps the consumer’s shopping experience.

Placing Orders

A good order management system is one that allows customers to buy without much friction. The best in this area is probably Amazon who invented the one click whispernet. This makes it really convenient for customers to buy things online. Happy Bunch does a pretty good job at this.

On the website, happy bunch makes it very clear in terms of the how the purchase will work.

  1. pick a delivery date
  2. pick a bunch design
  3. select a size
  4. Choose delivery or pick up
  5. wait for that smile

We like how the infographic makes it easy for clients and also found the 5th point to be genius. By taking a different point of view, Happy Bunch was able to make boring purchase decisions personal and relatable!


The great thing about Happy Bunch is that they offer free delivery across singapore. However, the delivery time slot can be an issue as it is from 11am to 6pm. In this regard, floral garage has a more detailed flower delivery feature that allows for after 6pm delivery.

Note about substitution policy

A substitution policy was noticeably absent from the product pages. However, given the great reviews that clients gave on google as well as on their blogs we do not think there will be much issues about product misrepresentation. So you can shop with ease!

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