Gift Ideas for Him – How hard is it to pick a gift?

If you are shopping for a gift for your boyfriend or husband, you will find it to be quite tough. This is because most guys are spartan minimalist. They have one pair of shoes that they walk in run in and maybe even sleep in. For those who are lucky enough to have a boyfriend with some kind of hobby. His hobby is probably very foreign to you. For example, is he interested in superheroes or heroines, will he prefer a supergirl or a wonder woman poster. So How hard is it to pick a gift for your special him?

The answer is super hard, but you can take some guidance from the tips that we have found ourselves!

Here are some tips/ideas that we use ourselves when looking for such valentine day gifts.

Flower Bouquets
Flower Bouquets are very common among lovers. Yet there have always been somewhat of a stigma against sending flowers to a guy. This is probably due to the local perception that flowers are not as masculine. However, flowers can still be a good idea especially if you are intending to access his softer side. Just make sure you ask for darker more masculine colors such as grey, blue or silver when you try our flower delivery service in Singapore

If you have cash to spare and you are not yet ready to send flowers to your boyfriend, you may want to try for a cute soft toy that he can put at his desk. Some of the really cute ones that we recommend are the GUND, Bare Bears and Jellycats. These soft toys are interesting, cute and yet not overly childish or feminine.

Gaming Console
If you will like to appeal more to his boyish side, you can look at getting him the latest gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4 Pro or the Nintendo Switch. If your boyfriend is still a loyal player of Pokemon Go, he will be so pleased with getting a Nintendo Switch because it will apparently allow him some privileges such as obtaining Mystery boxes. 

There is however, one precaution that you need to take before giving him his gaming console. You would need to make him promise that he will not forsake you or neglect you because of his games for we all know how addictive these games are.

Huawei Mate 20 

If you really have cash to spare then you may also want to look at getting him one of the latest phone or tablets. One of our favorite phones now will be the Huawei Mate 20. Despite all the negative headlines surrounding Huawei’s management, it is hard to dispute the quality of the Leica camera lens that comes with the phone. If your boyfriend is more introverted and like to take photos on the fly, the Mate 20 with its 3 lens camera, 
12 megapixels and an f/1.8 aperture will certainly fit the bill.

Roku Gin (Not for minors)

If you know your boyfriend or husband loves his alcohol, please do not buy him a pack of tiger beer for valentine day. Instead swap it for something more sophisticated such as the Yamazakis or the Roku Gin. 

The Roku Gin is a Japanese Craft Gin that has a tinge of yuzu and just a wonderful gin for couples to enjoy as they wind down for the evening. 

We will be adding more ideas but for now thats all we have!

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