Getting your Mother’s Day Flowers Early

We all been there. Every year we make a new year resolution only to look back 10 months on to realise that the resolution remains largely unfulfilled and will stay to be your next year’s resolution too. Most of us have resolutions like losing weight, making our loved ones feel more loved or just simply being more active and proactive.

If you have made such a resolution this new year, then heads up!
Mother’s Day is coming and you should get your flowers earlier rather than later. Below are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to get your flower deliver early from the florist that you trust.

Get the best blooms

During Mother’s Day, there will be a large volume of roses, of which some may be a little prematurely harvested as the rose growers want to make the maximum bang for the buck. Some florist may mix it into bouquets if you walk into the store last minute. However, if you ordered the flowers early, you normally will get the best batch of flowers. This will ensure that your loved one’s bouquet is much fresher and prettier than others.

You don’t have to queue

Past Mother’s Day are a real pain for some last minute guys and girls. We see them trying to rush to get their bouquets. Yet with many clients thinking alike, they end up queuing in the Sun during lunch hour for their bouquets. That is very unbearable and we do not wish for that to happen to you. By ordering flower delivery singapore online, you will have booked your bouquet way in advance. That will allow you to skip the queue and collect your bouquet immediately like a pro.

Ensure your flowers get there in time.

When you book your flowers early, your flower delivery will be right on top of the stack. This means that when the florist is getting the orders delivered, the first one that he/she will tend to first will be yours. This is critical as
Mother’s Day is a massive logistical nightmare with many drivers delivering a tonne of bouquets. There have been many incidents where bouquets were either late or not delivered. If you get your bouquet late, there is really no guarantee that the bouquet will even reach your loved ones.  

Less expensive prices.

We all know that Mother’s Day flowers are more expensive. With that said, many floral shops do give discounts if you order early enough. With that said. What are you waiting for? Get your Mother’s Day flowers early and enjoy great savings!

More Choices

By planning early, you will be able to choose between the different styles of bouquets offered by different floral shops. Else if you wait too late, you will end up having to make do with whatever the flower shop has on hand. What if the bouquet is not in the right colour? You will end up in an dilemma where you are not sure if you should just accept that bouquet or go to your lady empty handed.

With all that said, do remember to get your Mother’s Day bouquet early!

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