Flowers improve relationships

Through time immemorial, people have been sending flowers to each other as a way of expressing their feelings. However, the advent of new technologies has caused a dramatic change in the way we send gifts. What used to be a simple gerbera plucked from one’s garden has evolved into a teddy bear, a Chanel and a PlayStation 4. Yet flowers, given their fragrance and vibrancy makes them unique as gifts. A nicely crafted bouquet of red roses or mixed hydrangea bouquet can add fireworks to a romantic evening in a way that a bottle of perfume cannot. 

Gifts: Flowers or Bags/Electronics?

Imagine giving your loved ones a new tote bag. Apart from the sudden surprise, the entire conversation will easily turn into one of ‘where did you buy the bag from?” or “how much did you pay for the bag”. However when you give flowers, girls very seldom ask you where you got the flowers from. Rather, there is just that moment of silent happiness which both of you fall into.

By surprising her with a wonderful bouquet of flowers, you create an intimate space of happiness and knowing that only belongs to both of you. This space pulls both of you into the present so that you not only cherish the flowers in your hand but also appreciate the fleeting moment that both of you share with each other.

Gifting flowers improves relationships because it provides for that  intimate space that serves as a vortex to pull you and your loved ones in. This brings both of you into the moment and for that brief moment, all the day’s worries and problems all fall to the wayside leaving only you and her. Soap and petals understands this important role that flowers have in making people live the present and improve relationships. We built our flower delivery singapore program because we know that as Singaporeans lead increasingly hurried lives they too need to slow down and better appreciate the people beside them.

There are numerous occasions where you can use flowers to improve the relationship between you and your loved ones. 


 Everyone has birthday once a year so there is really no excuse not to find some beautiful flowers to give to your loved ones. We find it particularly endearing when dads buy flowers for their daughters 21st birthday as it is a recognition that his little girl is now a full grown adult woman, who is beautiful in her own right.


Anniversaries are a great time to rekindle or at least keep the marriage/relationship fire burning ablaze. Some of us are so bogged down with the challenges of life that we do not appreciate enough the person who is right beside us supporting our every decision. Hence, by gifting a beautiful bouquet of flowers during your anniversary, you help to remind her that whatever happens in life, she is still your girl. Someone who you will love and protect.

Special Achievements

Life is a long arduous pursuit. We work our butts off and sometimes we get a glimpse of the recognition that we have all been fighting for. Whether it is the completion of a major event or finishing a difficult journey, flowers are a good way to convey our admiration and appreciation of the success that someone else had.


When a loved one departs for the promised land, we all hope to give something beautiful as a parting gift. For those occasion, we find it the most meaningful to give some beautiful white lilies. These not just uplift the mood of the relatives of the departed but also help to express how you feel about him or her.


Sunflowers are the best way to instil optimism in a graduation commencement. By giving some sunflowers, you help to bring the graduate into the moment of joy and completion. In addition, the sunflowers will also add a sense of optimism for what is to come.

New Mom: 

Sending a flower jar helps a new mom to slow down in her hurried steps to take care of her newborn and to cherish the beauty of this new life. This allows her to get more in touch with her feminine side which is very beneficial for the child. No baby benefits from a mum that is frazzled by the stress and rigors of daily life with little bandwidth to tend to him/her.

Get Well Soon: 

If your loved ones is sick and admitted into hospital, sending them a beautiful flower jar will help to uplift their moods. This shift in mood can help to expedite their recovery.

We hope that by giving flowers in these occasions, you can bring your loved ones closer to you and in so doing improve your relationships!

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