Flowers for new mum: some do and don’t

Every once in a while, something comes into our lives and changes everything. Our perspective, general sense of purpose and even the food that we normally eat will change in that one moment. Having a newborn in the house is one of those moments. With such an important moment in one’s life, we often send flowers in celebration of the moment. Flowers are ideal because they are vibrant, giving a whirl of bright optimism to the recipient. However it is also great for the recipient to slow down there and then and appreciate the joy of the moment.

Is a bouquet of flowers the best gift for new mums? For first timers, how should you go about choosing your gift from our flower delivery singapore program? Do you want to send bouquets, boxes… jars? And if you are sending any of those, what type of flowers should you send?

Here are 5 things you should not mess up when buying a flower gift for a new mom.

Getting the gender wrong

The gender of the baby is not as important as we are made to believe. Gone are the days where blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Going by that color scheme may even get you in trouble if the recipient has something against gender stereotype. However, it’s not just about the stereotype. Imagine having a baby boy and getting your room filled with a sea of blue flowers and hampers. A bit of an overkill don’t you think. In our opinion what’s important is just not bungle up the gender of the baby. The gift will be less well received if u write congrats for your baby girl when the baby is actually a cute little boy. Even if you don’t know the gender of the baby and don’t want to ask, all you need to do is to say congrats for the newborn and leave the gender issue outside the door.

Buying flowers the mom is allergic to

We really don’t care how beautiful the flowers will be if the recipient is allergic or has severe sinus issues. If you know the recipient has a sinus condition, please do not buy flowers. The situation is less grim of course if the allergy is flower specific. The reason why we try not to delivery flower gifts in such situations is because the new mom is probably up to her throat in terms of chores and new things to do. Hence the last thing she wants will be to get a stinging nose condition. If her sinus recur, the new mum will not be able to go near her newborn for fear that the baby will fall sick too. With this in mind, please kindly check if the recipient has a history of sinus or flower allergy.

Choosing a flower bouquet 

Please do not buy a flower bouquet for a new mom. Ironic isn’t it. A flower shop telling you not to buy a bouquet of flowers. However, the reason is because the new mum is busy taking care of the kid and will not have the time to care for the bouquet. Hence the bouquet is likely to be placed on the table and will wilt and die a quick death. Instead, a better way will be to get a flower jar instead. With a jar, there is no hassle of having to get the flowers out of the wrapping paper. Just put the jar there and it will easily last for a whole week.

Choosing low-quality blooms

We are not saying that you have to spent a bomb on flowers. However, sending low-quality blooms to a new born mother or anyone is not a good idea at all. This is because the low-quality blooms die really fast and if your new mum is really busy for the first four days, her first look at your gift will be a wilting flower arrangement. To get the most mileage for your gift, always ask for the beat and freshest flowers. 

Some may say that you have to go for gerberas rather than carnations or the weaker flowers. There is truth in that but some clients just dun like gerberas for some reason. If you are serious about getting carnations, try the holland carnations instead of the china types.

The chinese carnations closes back as they bloom while the holland ones do not. This creates a more impressive and long lasting arrangement.

Sending at the wrong time

It’s unfortunate but sometimes deliveries are not as smooth as we hope for. It will be awkward and inappropriate to send bouquets ether during delivery when everyone is anxious or when the newborn is still receiving close medical attention.

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