Flowers are better than Chocolates and Dinner

It really takes a caveman to not know that February is the month of love. In February, most men and women in Singapore will first celebrate the festive chinese new year before using their ang bao money for valentine day gifts. These gifts can range from chocolates, flower bouquets. While V-day can be seen as somewhat commercialized, it has its place in the process of courtship as many guys do use this eventful day to show their affection to girls that they have long had a crush on. For those who are engaged, unless you have a standing understanding with your lady that you are not celebrating Valentine day this year, the truth is that it will feel slightly odd not to do anything. Okay, slightly odd is not the word. It feels wrong not to do anything on Valentine day. 

If you are thinking of buying chocolates, you should get yourself prepared for the eventual ‘Am I fat?’ and ‘Are you trying to make me fat?’ questions. If you feel like you are a stunned buffalo right now, we will suggest you put off buying any of those high calorie gifts.

There are those who will bring their girlfriends/ or crushes for an expensive dinner in Town. There is really no problem with that. However, if you have a leaner wallet and cannot actually afford all the items on the menu, it would be advisable to avoid the restaurant as you may end up actually spending way beyond your budget.

If chocolate makes her fat and restaurants make you poor, what should you do? As a floral shop, we will definitely recommend that you get flowers from our flower delivery singapore program. However, we are not here to bluff you. Here are two good reasons why.

Flowers V.S Chocolates

Compared to chocolates, there is no calorie issue. Further the luxurious packaging for the flowers is comparable with the nice packaging of an expensive box of chocolates

It is easier to get flowers simply because there are no two flower bouquets that are alike. This means that she will not come to realize that you have bought that box of chocolate from mark and spencer because it was on discount and her friend got it too.

We got to admit. Flowers and chocolates may suffer the same fate in the eyes of the frugal lady. They may see it as a waste of hard earned money. If that is the case, you should still give flowers. If you are trying to save money, all you need to do is to do the bouquet yourself. That will not cost you an arm or a leg. We know very little about making chocolates yourself but we believe it should be a lot more expensive.

Flowers V.S Restaurants

Many guys should have this similar experience. They bring a lady they have a crush on to a restaurant, half hoping she will not order the most expensive item on the restaurant menu. If she did, he will have to eat 2 weeks of cup noodles to make up for the ‘fiscal deficit’. Such signs of overreaching is fairly common as we all want to dote on our loved ones during a special occasion like Valentine’s day. However, this is financially not very sound and you may that its a habit that is hard to keep up. If you do a 1 star Michelin restaurant on your first V day, you have set the bar such that during the second v day you most probably will not go for a cheaper less tasty option. We would definitely recommend hawker Chan with its affordable Michelin star street fare! Just kidding!

On the contrary, flowers may seem expensive but you will not have to worry about busting your budget. IF you do it right, you can get a very impressive bouquet of flowers for a little over a hundred dollars. And with that budget, you can keep sending different type of bouquets every single year. That will involve reading up on the type of flowers, colors and design but if you are willing to read this, we are rather certain you are the type of guy who will put in the effort to read up on flowers too!

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