Flower care: Tulips

We have many customers of our flower delivery singapore program who come to us asking how they should take care of their tulips. This is a problem for them as many claimed that the tulips they bought seem to wilt easily and don’t look very nice. Here are a few tips on how to care for your tulips and fix some of the common issues that we see.

A brief introduction totulips

For those who are new to our site or new to tulips, here is a brief introduction to bring you up to speed. Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the flower delivery Singapore business. Those who do not like roses often choose tulips instead. Like the roses, these flowers symbolize love. However, the color of the tulip does change the meaning as well. For example, read tulips are known to mean true love whereas yellow tulips are meant to say that you are hopelessly and completely in love with that person. As with all these meanings, we would advise that you go by the type of flowers that you are most comfortable with and not put as much emphasis on what people say.

Most Singaporeans think that there is only one type of tulip and thatcannot be further from the truth. There are many different types of tulips suchas the French and the Parrot. They are normally classified by how early theybloom. Hence, there are single and double early tulips which bloom early in theseason. There are midseason bloomers and late season bloomers as well. Theparrot tulip will be an example of a late season blooming tulip.

Caring for tulips

As with any cut flowers, there are some things that are pretty standard when it comes to their care. This includes cutting the base of the stem at an angle to increase the water uptake, adding flower food to the water, making sure that the container is clean and also ensuring that the tulip’s long leaves are above the water line. However, beyond those normal flower care tips, here are a few tips that are rather unique to tulips.

Firstly, Tulips need to be kept cool. So it is important that the waterthat you provide it be below room temperature. Similarly, they should be keptaway from direct sunlight or sources of heat like the oven. That means that thekitchen is not a good place to put your tulips.

Bent Tulips

For those who have bought tulips from our flower delivery Singapore program,they will sometimes be shocked that the tulips will lean out of the vase withthe head facing downwards. This makes them feel as if the tulips are wiltingand not fresh. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Tulips tend toshift around in the vase because unlike other flowers, tulips continue to groweven after they are cut. As the stems grow, the tulips will tend to tilttowards sources of light. This is why your pack of tulips can droop all over thevase instead of standing upright.

The solution for that is to get some newspaper, be it straits times orthe new paper and wrap your tulips tight before putting them in water. Put themin a tall vase for 2 hours. Thereafter, unwrap the tulips and you will get nicestraight tulips!

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