Finding your bespoke florist

Flower Delivery in Singapore is definitely a trend which is here to stay. This is because it hold immense benefits for both long term and first time flower buyers. For long term flower buyers, it allows them the convenience of ordering through phone although many of them have told us that they still much prefer to come to our retail store to take a look themselves. On the other hand, first time flower buyers benefit from being able to read up on the wealth of information online before deciding on which bouquet or flower arrangement is the best for them. For example, our article on which is a better gift, flower bouquet or flower jar will definitely help those new buyers. These first timers may browse content by occasion and be able to find out what they should or should not do for each and every occasion. With so many benefits, we are certain that flower delivery is here to stay.

However, there is one truth about flower business that few florist will tell you. That is that given that flowers are seasonal many a time the bouquets that are sent to you will not be an exact replica of that which you bought. While this is not misrepresentation because it is the nature of the art as well as the seasonality of supplies, there is no stopping some florist from swapping the more expensive flowers for cheaper ones and in so doing earn a bigger margin off you.

Hence, you should only look for a florist that you trust. This is important as if you are using this flower shop for all your flower needs, the arrangements they do represent you in almost all the major events in life, be it newborn, funeral, congratulations, wedding or just a simple birthday gift. However, there are so many factors to when trying to decide who you should trust and many of you don’t have the time to buy the flowers much less think about this. Hence here are some main ones that we feel you need to think about.

You need to love the design

When choosing a florist, the first thing you need to note is the design. Most flower shops have a unique design that defines their products. Whether is it traditional, korean or luxury, you first need to know what you prefer when it comes to design. If you like korean, there will be no reason why you will go and look for a traditional flower shop no matter how great the service is. The same goes for those who have a strong preference for traditional flowers. This is important as the style that the floral shop has will percolate into all of their products. Thus the flower stand that you buy from a traditional flower shop will be so different from that you buy from a luxury floral boutique.

Great Customer Service

Regardless of whether it is a traditional or luxury flower shop, there is just no excuse for bad customer service. Flowers are often used for intimate gifting thus it is important that we get all the help that we need when it comes to choosing the best flowers. Florist with the best service are those who will respond to your queries and even make reasonable adjustments to help you attain the floral look that you want. Recently, we have a client who came in with a flower recipe from pinterest and wanted to see if we can do it. This recipe was one of white peonies. With peonies being relatively off season now, we had to search high and low in order to find the right flowers. Talk about great service.

You should be happy with the products

We think this point seems so obvious but always slip the minds of clients. Rather than thinking if the recipient will like the flowers from a particular flower shop, it is important to first like what they have to offer. If you cannot imagine yourself wanting the particular bouquet that is on display, there is really no reason for you to buy from this particular flower shop. This is because flowers are meant to inspire and they should inspire you too.

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