Finding the right Florist

Lets face it. No one wants to see a flower bouquet sent by your boyfriend or husband wilt and dry up. While we cannot prevent that from happening, they can last longer if you find a good flower delivery singapore service. The key is to find the right Singapore florist for your floral needs.

What do we mean by the right floral designer and why is that important. The right floral designer is important because you will only have one shot at setting that right impression and you really don’t want to mess it up. However given that most Singaporeans do not work with flowers all day, they often know much less than the floral designer when it comes to what is the ideal flowers to use. 

In finance, there is a common saying that when a person with the experience meets a person with the money, it is often the person with the experience who gets the money and the person with the money that gets the experience. The same is true of the floral industry. Hence, no matter whether you are getting a bouquet or floral jar, you need to get your flowers from a florist whom you trust to deliver your flowers in Singapore. There are two main reasons why.

1. How long have the flower been in the fridge

Most floral shops with a retail presence keep an inventory of flowers in their chiller for walk ins and the sudden online order. So there will definitely be some flowers which have bloomed but are still unsold. If the floral shop puts those flowers into your bouquet, chances are your bouquet will not last as long.  

By working with a florist that you trust, you will be able to tell them when you need the bouquet to be at its best. This way, they may be able to include a few stalks of flowers that have not fully bloomed there and then. Floral Designers do that so that when you need the flowers at the actual event say one day later, the flowers will be at their best and the bouquet will be the best gift ever. 

2. What type of flowers the floral shop use.

  You need to trust that the flower shop will put in the best flowers for you even if it cost them slightly more. 

For Example, a kenyan rose is twice or thrice more costly than a malaysian or chinese rose. However, the vase life if kenyan roses are much longer. This longer vase life means the flowers are stronger in nature and will last longer 

Did we also mention that Kenyan roses are bigger and therefore looks so much better than either Malaysian or China Roses. 

In short, build a relationship with the flower shop that sells the flower bouquets. Many of the retail stores with online presence have contact numbers that you can use. When you get to know the man or woman behind the storefront, you can trust that they will always strive to give you the best and not earn a quick buck off you. 

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