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far east floral review

Today we will be doing a review of Far East Floral in Singapore. This is one of the most respected flower wholesaler in Singapore. Located in Thomson, it is within walking distance to caldecott mrt station. However, many of you will ask why you will want to go to thomson to get your flowers when you can get flower delivery in Singapore.

A True Flower Experience

While flower delivery is more convenient, it is quite a fun experience to go to a cold room to look at all the flower variety that they have. However, do remember to bring a thick jacket if you do not like the cold as it will be like walking into a big fridge. For those who are bespectacled, it will also be a good idea to bring some cloth to wipe the mist off your glasses.

Great reviews

Far East Flora has very impressive reviews online. Based on Google Reviews, they have a 4 out of 5 stars out of 381 reviews. Yes, there are some poor reviews such as one where the flower stand arrived one day before the actual day. However, in aggregate, most people seem to enjoy their experience at far east floral. This good review is also seen in Thebestsingapore.com where they also garnered a ⅘ stars and picodi where they got 4 out of 5 stars out of another 384 votes.

Interesting fact

Some singaporeans will be shocked but apparently, you can order flower bouquets from foodpanda. We tried to use the application and you got to be careful with this one. Under ‘check if restaurant is delivering to’, you first ignore the fact that fareast flora is not a restaurant. Thereafter, key in your postal code. In our experience, it is tough to get a delivery via foodpanda because it keeps telling us that the restaurant doesn’t deliver there. Hence, if you want a delivery, far east’s own flower delivery system seems like a better option.

Product Selection

Far east has one of the widest range of product categories that we have seen. You can search the website based on occasion of type of gift that you want. Want a hamper, FareastFloral has you covered. They even have a wide array of hampers that are arranged by function. From Baby hamper to get well hampers, you will definitely find an ideal hamper that is aligned to your purpose.

Fareastfloral stands out from other flower shops in that it also has a wide collection of plants on its website. This range from succulents, to cactuses and other plant arrangements. They even have some fengshui arrangements and plants for those who believe in fengshui.

In terms of flowers, fareast is a good supplier of flower arrangements. These are not just arranged by occasion but are also arranged by flower types. The flower type navigation is a little more convenient for those who are seasoned flower buyers as they will know whether they want hydrangeas, or gerberas etc.

Guys on the other the other hand, may be more handicapped in this regard so we will recommend that they search by occasion and browse through all the photos that fareast uploaded.

Placing Orders

A good order management system is one that allows customers to buy without much friction. The best in this area is probably Amazon who invented the one click whispernet. This makes it really convenient for customers to buy things online. For Fareast, they are not as convenient as Amazon in part due to the fact that we need to choose delivery date and time slots. This is available in the product page.


Gifts do not need to be one size fit all as fareast allow you to bundle different gifts together. At the product page, you have the option of adding GUND soft toys, or lind chocolates. There is even an option to add bird nest from new moon. This helps you better personalise your gift and makes it a more enjoyable experience for the recipient.


The great thing about fareast floral is that they offer free delivery across singapore. They do allow you to choose which time slot you want but the time slots are from 9am to 6pm and 7pm to 11pm. So that is not very helpful if you need the flowers to be delivered in the morning.

Note about substitution policy

Do note that fareast has a substitution policy where they have the right to substitute an element with something of equal or higher value if it is not available. This is especially true for flowers because flowers are seasonal products and hence may not be available in a particular part of the year.

Fareast did mention that if they are out of a certain type of flowers such as yellow tulips, they may replace it with tulips of other colours. This can be an issue as the final product will definitely not look like what you have in mind. So please be aware that such things may happen.

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