Celebrating your children’s birthday in Singapore

Celebrating your children's birthday

When you have a child, his or her birthday can be a big event for the family. Unlike adults, children can have a long wish list that they want fulfilled. This is not a promotional piece as we don’t think getting a flower delivery in Singapore for your kid will really thrill him or her. Instead, here are some good tips and tricks to make sure your child enjoy his or her birthday.

Why it is worth celebrating your kid’s birthday

Everyone of us live hurried busy lives with our corporate jobs and busy schedules. Hence the birthday party may seem small and inconsequential. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Your child only has a few birthdays during their formative years. Past that, and he/she may not even want to celebrate their birthdays with you any longer.

Each birthday with your child is precious and helps to build happy memorable memories. This is much more important that the meeting at work or any other thing that you may think to be important now but is subsequently insignificant when you look back.  

What you need to prepare for your kid’s birthday

You need to know what your kid’s favorite food and toys are. We think you know that. If you are just celebrating within your family, you can bring him out to his favorite restaurant or theme park to have some fun. While that may seem to be the easiest, you have to remember that as much as your son or daughter enjoy the things u have in place for them, it is your time that is really precious to them. Hence, you need to make sure that you are actually spending time with him or her and not just checking your work messages on your phone

If a party is in order, you will also need to know who his friends are and what they are more likely to want to eat. There is no point cooking fried bee hoon for a bunch of kids who wants to eat Mcdonald’s happy meal. That said, maybe the accompanying parents will appreciate the fried beehoon.

The good thing about kids is that some chocolates, fries and popcorns will definitely be hot favorites on the dining table, so there is not much to worry about when it comes to the party menu.

The birthday gift

A birthday is not complete without a birthday gift. However, this is where it gets quite complicated. Unlike in the past, where the most outrageous thing a kid can ever want is a barbie house or a toy sports car, kids these days can request for mobile phones and ipads. This is because the way children play games have changed and so have their desires. While there is certainly nothing wrong with buying a gift that your children request for, do keep in mind that some gadgets can do more harm than good in the hands of a young child.

Hence, we will advise parental discretion when deciding if you want to buy your child an electric gadget for their birthday.

Photo taking

Some of us can get so engrossed in the day’s activities that we forget all about taking photos. This is important as it will be good to collect photos so that you and your family can look at them and laugh at the memories you guys share. With the advancement in technologies it is no longer a chore to get the film out to a shop which will then help to clean and develop the film. Nowadays, all can be done with the click of a button on your advanced mobile phone. Hence there is really no reason not to take that one or two shots during the birthday celebration.


We hope your kid will enjoy their birthday and that it will be an enjoyable experience for your entire family. Till next time!

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