Caring for fresh flowers

Say you ordered or received a bouquet of flowers from our flower delivery Singapore program. What do you do after you get the flowers? Well, follow these tips below and you will get to enjoy your flowers for much longer.

Wash ur vase! 
Fresh Flowers do not like bacteria. Hence, even before you put them in your vases, do ensure that ur vases are squeaky clean!

Do not use scissors 

When you are attempting to cut off abit of the stem, please do not use scissors. Scissors cut via compression of two blades. This compression will crush the stems and vascular system that brings moisture up to the flower head.

Cut the stems at an angle 

Cutting your stems at an angle will increase the surface area which the flower can use to draw water from. This will help to make your fresh flowers last longer. However, do not over do it. While a wider surface area is believed to help the flowers with its moisture uptake, it also shreds and destroys the vascular system at the base. 

That said, most of the flowers in your bouquet would have been properly cared for even before they went into the bouquet. So you just have to carefully put them in the water. 

After a few days, do remember to cut off some of the stem that has been in the water for a while. This will give the flower some fresh ‘surface area’ which will improve its ability to take in water and maintain its overall freshness for longer.

Keep them cool but away from wind 

Keep them in coolest location at home but away from fans or air-conditioning vent. 

Put them in cold water 

There are some who recommend putting cut flowers in warm water. However, warm water has more air pockets when compared to cold water. Hence when you put your flowers in warm water, your flowers are actually exposed to more air. That will cause your flowers to wilt faster.

Remove leaves below water line 

Removing leaves will ensure that they do not drop into the water and become decaying mass which will encourage bacteria growth. 

Flower Food + Bacterial Killing Agent 

Flower food contains sugar which helps to feed the flower but also promotes the cultivation of bacteria. Hence it is essential to add some form of bacterial killing agent (i.e. panadol, mouth wash, vinegar). 

With that, we hope you enjoy your cut flowers and hope to see you soon!.

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