Can you grow a peony in Singapore?

We have seen many local blogs that have been talking about how to grow peonies. However, we believe that these blogs are not written for the human eye, especially the human eye that is living in humid Singapore. There is just no way that you can grow a big beautiful peony in Singapore’s Climate. Here is why.

Typesof peonies

Peonies are normally seen in the northern hemisphere. There are generally three types of peonies: Herbaceous, Tree and Intersectional. The intersectional Peony also known as the Itoh peony is a hybrid of the former two.

It is best to just look at the difference between Herbaceous and Tree Peonies. We have scoured the web for layman explanation of the difference and found a lot of botanical speak so here is some clear cut layman description.

Generally Herbaceous peonies fall and wilt into the ground when they die whereas the stems of the tree peonies remain even when the flower wilts. As a result, the Itoh or intersectional peony have a blend of these characteristics, having shorter wooden stems that still remain when the flowers have wilted.

Temperatureand climate

Peonies need long periods of cold every year so that they can achieve dormancy. According to the Filoli Center, temperates can range from freezing to 45 degree Fahrenheit. We know that Singaporeans really don’t work with Fahrenheit. When converted, it means that peonies need about 480 hours of being in a temperature of 0 to 7 degree Celsius. This extended period of cold is needed for the peonies’ dormancy. Dormancy is akin to hibernation when the plant is inactive due to adverse weather conditions but is not dead. It conserves its energy until more favourable conditions present themselves.

Singapore Climate

In Singapore, the temperate is at 25 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. It is thus literally impossible for the peony to survive much less bloom here. Yes, given how high tech we are there should be a way to artificially generate the kind of environment needed to cultivate peonies. However, that should be more expensive than keeping a polar bear in Mandai as we would need artificial intelligence to modulate the temperature within the growing environment.

Growing of peonies

4k Timelapse Peony Bloom

Yes we are unable to grow peonies in Singapore. However, here is a nice video of a Peony Bud blooming. This is a pure pleasure to watch. It is no wonder why florist love to put these seasonal blooms in our bouquets and floral arrangements.

What if you really love peonies?

Yes, its true that you cannot grow peonies in Singapore. However, you can certainly engage a flower delivery Singapore service . Florist like us can craft beautiful peony bouquets to be delivered to your doorstep. We hope you have enjoyed the article and the super nice video as welel.

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