Buying Grand Opening Flowers in Singapore

buying grand opening flowers singapore

Every once in a while we will need flowers to commemorate or celebrate a new beginning. These types of flowers are very common in Singapore and are known as Grand opening flowers. While we do not know if such a practice is something that is worldwide, what we know is that Singaporeans have the habit of sending opening flowers to a new business/venture. If you need proof, all you need to do is to go walk around in your neighborhood malls and look for those newly opened bubble tea shops. When you see them, you will notice the large number of floral arrangements which come on top of those rectangular boxes. However, why do people send these Grand opening flowers? Are these flower deliveries worth it?

Why do people send opening flowers?

Itcertainly looks like a waste of money to outsiders. Those boxes and boxes offlower arrangements seem to take up so much space and obstruct the mainentrance of the new venture itself. To these people, it will seem to createmore of a hassle for the new business which will have to clear out these flowerboxes when the flowers do wilt and die. With so much waste, why will anyone dothis?

For Business

The keyto understanding why it is important for many that they send grand openingflowers is that it represents a form of respect not just to the person runningthe business but to the business as a whole. Few presents can pack so muchgoodwill yet not seem to be targeted at one individual person. Further, if thisis one of your major clients, you certainly do not want to forget sending a setof opening flowers only to realise that your competitor did. In the world ofbusiness, that incremental goodwill that your competitor built at your expensecan cost you that recurring business that you have with your client.

For Friends

Certainly,not all relationships are so tactical. There are certainly times when you willlike to send a grand opening flower to a friend who has taken the route lesstravelled by doing a new business venture. When that happens, opening flowersare a great gift that can be personalised not just according to your budget butalso according to the type of flowers that you will like to send, the colourand design of the arrangement as well as the message that you will like toconvey to your best friend. It may but a message wishing that continuedprosperity or it may simply be giving him/her an arrangement of their favouriteflowers so they know that you have their interest at heart.

What is the ideal budget for grand opening flowers.

Whilethere are many reasons to give opening flowers, you may be wondering which oneyou should get. More specifically, you may be thinking about your budget andwhat will seem appropriate. First of all, opening flowers can vary from 75dollars to well over a thousand dollars. Unless you are representing a major institution,you most likely will not have the budget to go for the latter. However, willthe cheapest of the lot suffice?

Do not buy the cheapest

Asa rule of thumb, do not buy the cheapest opening flowers that you can find.This is because it will not appear to be insincere and grossly insufficient whencompared to those that other companies or friends send. However, this is notthe most important reason.

You should not send the cheapest because many of these reallycheap opening flowers are stuffed with paper with very few flowers. Such boxesdefeat the purpose of congratulating the recipient so it is our opinion that ifyou are intending to send grand opening flowers, it should be of a decent sizeand design.

Find the ideal florist foropening flowers

It is important to find the right florist to get your openingflowers. This is because you really don’t see the arrangement which was sent onyour behalf. Without having immense trust, you will have doubts about the qualityof the opening flowers that have been sent. There are many cases where theexact arrangement was totally different from what was initially ordered. Whileno two floral arrangements will be the same, there are indeed cases wherefloral shops tried to cut corners and ended up under delivering on what waspromised. With your reputation on the line, it is therefore very important thatyou can trust the florist that you have engaged to do a good job with theopening flowers.

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